Attracting and retaining top talent isn’t easy.

Understanding pay rates within your industry for every position is vital to attracting and retaining the best candidates.

Love it or hate it (mostly hate it), pay rates are what employees seek out when looking for the right job.

Needless to say, pay rates are important, perhaps the most important, to job seekers and to your current employees. A 2014 SAP survey found that compensation is the number one factor that matters to employees, over office culture, benefit packages, or commute times. This data is backed up by a previous survey, completed by Society for Human Resource Management in 2013, which found that the top factor contributing to job satisfaction is compensation and pay.

So we’d really like to help you out.

Within the pages of this free resource, you’ll find local, competitive pay analyses along with industry trends, statistics, and advice. Covering each industry we serve, you’ll get real data, practical tips, and easy to implement ideas. We’ll also help you understand trends that exist here, and we’ll help you navigate the waters.

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The Local Competitive Pay & Trends Book You Need & Want

Save time gathering data from national statistics that don’t understand the pulse of the local community, and focus your time on where it’s best served.

Industries included:

  1. Agriculture & Beverage
  2. Food Manufacturing
  3. Assembly and Manufacturing
  4. Banking & Finance
  5. Clerical & Call Center
  6. Executive

Get the book. Then share what you learn with your talent team and hiring managers. This pay book won’t just save you from the time commitment of deep research; it will help you become the even-better-than-you-are-now employer you want to be.

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