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How to Rock Your First Week on the Job!


  Your first week in your new job is important for many reasons. First, it’s a litmus test to prove that you were indeed a good hire. Second, your first week is when you can make a solid first impression with your co-workers. Third, getting off to a good start boosts your confidence, helping set… Read more »

In a Bad Mood? Here Are 3 Ways to Get it Together Before it Affects Your Work


  Whether you like it or not, our emotions play a huge role in our everyday lives at work. The average worker could be cracking up with their friends over a Reddit meme one morning, and feel exasperation over their home commute in the middle of rush hour later that same day. It all results… Read more »

Why Should I Write a Resume for Manufacturing Work?


  Many people applying for manufacturing and industrial positions tend to disregard the value of a resume, and it doesn’t help that most resume-writing guides focus on office and corporate positions. Be that as it may, it’s important to find a way to stand out from the sea of people applying for the same jobs… Read more »