7 Reasons to Attend Talent Summit 2019

Talent Summit 2019

Candidate scarcity continues to be top of mind for recruiters and managers. With unemployment rates remaining low, and employees with shifting priorities as new generations join the workforce, finding, attracting, and retaining top talent is of utmost importance.

Yet it can feel like recruiting methods are on repeat, and not evolving at all. It takes evolution to keep up, and that means you need to keep up on emerging trends, process updates, and the most relevant new data. Here are 7 ways that attending our Talent Summit 2019 will help you be the most effective HR professional you can be.

1. Hiring is one of the most important aspects of a healthy, stable business. Every role in an organization is about talent. Think about it: nobody on your team, in any role, should be your second, third, or fifth choice. It’s not about putting butts in seats – it’s about finding the right talent. Learn what it takes to craft your calls for talent to attract the right people, how to identify them, and how to activate them to build a great relationship with your company.

2. If you aren’t up on best practices to create and maintain an optimal company culture, your mission and vision aren’t fully optimized. Learn strategies for building strong teams organized around your company’s values, and the power of a team that’s rallied behind ideals.

3. Every industry is in a state of constant innovation. Join us to discuss how to utilize new technologies, new workplace strategies, and more.

4. New tactics that can be implemented immediately are powerful tools you can get started with right away. Injecting your processes with revised tactics can breathe new life into your company, without a ton of overhead or extra training. Being able to talk with other professionals about the challenges you are facing is also one of the most effective ways of building solutions.

5. Continuing education is powerful, not just for your current role or to solve a specific, emergent problem. It’s also been shown that continuing to learn, and to problem solve with other professionals, actually makes you a stronger thinker. In other words, getting out of the office and talking with your peers is good for you.

6. You’ll be placed strategically in a room full of 150-200 professionals to learn and network. Attendees range from first-time recruiters and HR professionals to Directors and VPs of large corporations. Networking in a mutually beneficial manner makes relationships for whole careers and opens up new possibilities you might not anticipate.

7. With so many distractions, it’s nearly impossible to focus. Getting out of the office, away from your normal day-to-day routine, will set you up perfectly to learn and improve yourself and your business.

Bonus: We’ve carefully chosen industry experts who will demonstrate how you can better serve your company in its recruitment and retention efforts. You’ll be entertained and come away with the tools you need to outshine your competition. All for only $150!

Join us to connect, learn, and be empowered. You won’t regret it! Get your tickets now.