How to Ace an Interview

Imagine you landed the interview of a lifetime! You know the one with that awesome company on the other side of town, the one where your neighbor’s uncle works at and after five years of applying for various positions, they want to give you an interview. You are so pumped for the interview you even go out and buy a new suit. “I’ve got this!” you think as you head into the interview room, but the work has just begun…

In the article, “How to Answer the Top 35 Interview Questions” Jorgen Sundberg offers simple tricks to effectively answer the most common interview questions. For example, Sundberg explains how to answer the question, “What is your philosophy at work?” Sundberg tells readers to skip the adjectives (I am very passionate about _) and simply to state your values. In summary, this article explains what employers are looking for when they level these often tricky questions at interviewees. They suggest your goal should be to answer every question positively; even explain weaknesses in a way that adds value to the position for which you are applying. Even if this is the only job offer you have, you do not want to appear desperate to escape your current job, so when answering the question “Why should we hire you?” focus on what skills you will bring to the company. You have great skills – you didn’t make it this far in life without them. Take the time to understand how your “weaknesses” might actually be assets to the hiring company.

It is important to display confidence with your answers as well. They aren’t granting you an interview as a favor; they already think you might be a good fit for the position. Let your confidence shine. Also, when looking for a job it is important that there is a good fit between you and the company, so have thoughtful questions prepared to ask them. Think about how your unique skill set will fit with their style, and how their style will work for you. Getting a job through a staffing agency is a great way to gain experience at a company without feeling committed to it for a year or more.

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