Creative Solutions Lead to Success for Heidi and Her Team at Star Staffing


In the staffing industry, each client and candidate experience is unique. Understanding the goals of each side helps in the process of making that perfect match Star Staffing always strives for. When recruiting for a new position, we always have a conversation with the client, either in person or via phone to get the best understanding of the role and the ideal skillset needed to accomplish the tasks. In Sacramento, Branch Manager Heidi Fretwell understands that sometimes situations take creative solutions.

“One of the most important things, when we’re working with people, is the ability to make things happen for our clients. When there isn’t an obvious solution to a problem, we are able to come together and comprise programs that work for our clients, and benefit our employees,” shares Fretwell.

Even with creative solutions, sometimes it’s simply persevering that results in success.

“Challenges I see in our market are that unemployment is so low right now in Sacramento, it has become increasingly difficult to find talent. We have to be more creative with our recruiting methodologies and finding candidates who are already working takes a bit longer than it has in the past.”

All of our managers, including Heidi, have risen through the ranks, from starting out as a receptionist, then recruiter – they’ve done it all! This experience has molded our leaders well and therefore they are more practical in managing expectations.

“I like the fact that in staffing, it’s a noble profession. We help people put food on their table and pay their bills, take care of their families. It’s a huge pleasure to see that happen.”

Not only is staffing a rewarding profession, but it’s also one that is fun and exciting as it’s always changing. At Star Staffing, we never stop learning and adjusting to define best practices and bring both our clients and candidates the most success.

When Heidi isn’t having fun working at Star Staffing, she can be found listening to Bon Jovi. On a recent Las Vegas vacation, Heidi met Bon Jovi and sang Bad Medicine on stage with them. Ask her about it and she’ll tell you it was the “best night ever!”.

For more information about the services of Star Staffing, or working with our outstanding Sacramento Team, please reach out to us via the contact page.