Employer Testimonials

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We have worked extremely close with Bianca over the past few years, and she has been a wonderful resource for us, and a great partner, to myself and all our teams.  She learned the business and what was truly needed in temp associates that fit our needs and business requirements.

Healthcare Call Center

Working with Star Staffing has been so easy!  They have found us several amazing new team members, and are easy to connect with whenever I need them.  They help make my job so much less stressful!

Fabrication Company

I find Star Staffing to be a very reliable business partner. Star is always interested in discussing ways to assist and solve our company’s workforce needs with our multiple positions within our production and warehouse needs. Star is a brilliant business planner who excels at being able to step in at a quick pace and roll with our changes. Star is one of the more proactive and driving business professionals I have worked with. Star’s staff is loyal, honest, and accessible. Star Staffing is an ideal business partner.

Industrial Cleaning Company

This entire bottling crew is doing really well. They work well together. They show up on time including breaks. They are keeping up with the line well. One of the best crews we have had in a while. To single any one of them out would be doing a disservice to the others. They are all outstanding with a great attitude.

Napa Winery

Star is a fantastic partner and I really appreciate the Santa Rosa team.  I interact with Luz and Barbara all the time and Aracely has been onsite for job fairs.  Star is such a professional yet personal organization and I consider myself lucky to work with them.  During the recent audit, they were available and very prompt in their response and all documents were 100% correct.  Star’s dedication to safety is outstanding.  I’d be lost without them.


They were purposeful, efficient, and organized with sending over only quality/qualified applicants! That was the most significant reason we made good progress! They did a lot of the behind the scenes work ensuring us they were not just sending anyone including making sure the assessments were completed ASAP. This made it easy for me to pick up the pieces and start phone screening them before sending to our hiring managers for interviews. 

Health Company

So far, the people you have sent us are working very well. These have been the best temps any staffing service has sent us so far, they have been reliable, have experience and have a great attitude.


Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to work with you and your teams. Everyone was amazing!


Thanks for all your help with personnel, it’s been a long year, you guys are great to work with, I know my demands and scheduling are tough sometimes, I appreciate your willingness to work with me on things. Can’t wait until next year, we are supposed to be even busier.


Thank you all! Very good candidate! I’m happy with Star Staffing; I feel like I get the best service!


The team at Star always goes the extra mile to make sure that employees and customers are working well together to get the job done on time and within budget. I highly recommend Star Staffing.