How many workers will quit if work from home ends?

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As discussions and planning continue, many companies are struggling with getting workers on board with returning to the office. While many didn’t have the option to work from home in the past, now that they’ve had a taste, it’s not something they are willing to give up. 

Here are some things to consider

  • What options can be given, including hybrid options 
  • What about your company dynamic or culture may be impacted by a remote workforce
  • Understand the drivers including commute time, childcare issues, convenience
  • Consider the pros and cons of keeping workers remote and have open and candid conversations

Start the conversations now and seek to fully understand the issues and what that means for your company now and in the future.

Poll Answer

Over 30%, or 1/3 of employees currently working from home plan to quit if the option to work from home is no longer available. 

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