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Marco Madriz had only been working with Star Staffing a few months, but that was all it took to find the opportunity he had been waiting for. In 2012, Star Staffing placed Marco at the newest sandwich shop in town, Ike’s Place. Brought on as a temporary employee, Marco started out washing dishes and making sandwiches. He quickly proved himself and within 4 months he was hired on as a full-time Ike’s Place employee.

“Star Staffing got my foot in the door with the company,” shares Marco, “you have to keep working hard and you will find the (right) opportunity for you”. One of the perks of working with a staffing agency, as Marco learned, is the option to explore a variety of positions or industries. This allows you to figure out where you thrive. Star Staffing recruiters are trained to match the candidates with positions that best match their skill set and client needs. It’s a win-win when a client and candidate decide to continue the relationship on a long-term basis.

Ike’s Place owner, Ike Shehadeh, notes Marco’s drive as a key factor to his success, “Marco asked for more responsibility, was coachable, and never made the same mistake twice.” Within a year of being hired on full-time, Marco had taken on managerial tasks including hiring and training new employees.

Fast forward, Marco has spent the last 4 years moving all over California and Arizona to open up new Ike’s Place locations – 7 to be exact. Due to his ambition, willingness to learn, and work ethic, Marco was offered the opportunity to be a Franchise Owner. With Ike’s goal of 100 stores in 5 years, Marco will no doubt be an integral part of the continued expansion.

Appreciative of his personal path to success, Marco does everything he can to help others reach their potential, “Opportunity is everywhere, and you have to ask for it, want it, and work for it!”

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