Star Staffing Named to Fastest Growing Staffing Firms

Star Staffing

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Star Staffing is proud to announce that we have been named among the fastest growing staffing firms in the US… Read more »

Four Work Benefits Guaranteed to Catch the Attention of Millennials


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  Millennials have a particularly complicated relationship with work and their employers. For instance, while they have been portrayed by… Read more »

6 Steps to Make Yourself More Valuable in the Workplace

Make Yourself More Valuable in the Workplace

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4 Ways to Weave Your Industry Knowledge Into a Job Interview

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3 Crucial Skills for Anyone Applying to Be a Forklift Operator

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  Star Staffing is looking for a forklift operator with experience in operating forklift trucks to load and unload materials… Read more »

How to Build a Better Talent Pipeline

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  While an improving economy and employment rate is a good thing, many employers and workforce management professionals also face… Read more »