Thank you for providing such good service for me in the time I was working with you guys. You truly made my experience there great!

Kevin, Job Seeker

I applied with Star Staffing two weeks ago and I was looking for a forklift position. Star Staffing found me a great forklift position. After two days of my interview I had the job.

Job Seeker

I am thoroughly impressed with the handling and treatment I have gotten from the entire staff here at Star Staffing. It is hard to put the entirety of this feeling in words. I would like to say there is no higher standard than the team here at Star Staffing. I will always remember my employment at Star Staffing. Thanks Star.

Job Seeker

Initially, I was referred to Star Staffing by an advisor for help with my resume. I was finding it extremely difficult to find a job in the field of my study (marketing) and began to wonder if I lacked the experience necessary to be competitive. Jennifer Krause of Star helped tidy up my resume by rearranging it and making it shorter with more relevant working. The first job she helped me apply to was a HIT. I was placed in a position a lot more challenging and advanced than what I anticipated which was perfect for me. The interview process was almost immediate. I am very thankful for Star Staffing!

Jalissa, Job Seeker

Working for Star Staffing has been quite interesting. The staff was able to find me a job when I wasn’t able to find one for several months. I feel Star Staffing is helpful to those who need a job; it helps you get back on your feet. From the beginning I didn’t know what to expect, but after almost a year and a half I still enjoy being part of this company. I have gained so much experience and learned that opportunities are given to those who really want it. The staff is awesome, and I get to work with different people in different situations. Star Staffing has found me a job which I enjoy. It’s a steady job and close to my home. It’s a privilege to be working at a winery and to be part of this wonderful agency. I highly recommend Star Staffing to others in need of a good opportunity.

Job Seeker

My experience with Star Staffing has personally been very useful. Star Staffing helped me find a job that is consistent and that makes me very happy. The Star Staffing team visits our work site at least three times per week, and they care for their employees’ needs. They always have the answer to any question I may have. I recommend Star Staffing, they are a company that helps others, and they pay us every week and on time. Personally I am very satisfied with Star Staffing.

Job Seeker

Star Staffing has helped me in many ways. The staff offers assistance willingly. When times were rough, Star Staffing was there for me. They are like a second family. I have recommended people to use their services and will continue to do so because they are here for you and they care. I give Star Staffing five stars.

Job Seeker

STAR Staffing opened the doors to a great future for myself! I applied online and received a phone call and an interview set up the following day! I was focused on a warehouse position; however, my recruiter, Steffanie, noticed I had clerical experience and suggested a better opportunity. The next day I was hired on, so I worked hard to not let her nor myself down. Within a week with the company, I was asked to be hired permanently, with high chance of promotion! I am now training to be an Excavation Engineer and can honestly say this is the best job and first career I’ve ever had! All thanks to STAR Staffing.

Job Seeker

Things are going great. I’m very happy with where I ended up.

Craig, Job Seeker

Star Staffing has been exceptional for getting us the talent we need. There have been a number of last-minute projects that have come up and they provided us with the turnaround that we needed. They are incredibly responsive with getting us quality hires.

Yvonne, EO Products