Thank you for providing such good service for me in the time I was working with you guys. You truly made my experience there great!

Kevin, Job Seeker

Great Place to work! Friendly team environment. Many jobs are available. If you’re looking for work, this is a great resource.

Leslie, Job Seeker

My experience with Star Staffing has been amazing from the start. I sent in my application an received a response the next day!

Stephanie, Job Seeker

Initially, I was referred to Star Staffing by an advisor for help with my resume. I was finding it extremely difficult to find a job in the field of my study (marketing) and began to wonder if I lacked the experience necessary to be competitive. Jennifer Krause of Star helped tidy up my resume by rearranging it and making it shorter with more relevant working. The first job she helped me apply to was a HIT. I was placed in a position a lot more challenging and advanced than what I anticipated which was perfect for me. The interview process was almost immediate. I am very thankful for Star Staffing!

Jalissa, Job Seeker

Star Staffing has helped me find a job that works with my schedule, and I’m truly thankful for that.

Luis, Job Seeker

Got referred over to this company by a friend who’s been working here for a couple of years. I’m very pleased with the attention the staff gives you and the help they give to accommodate you. Great staff from the moment you walk into the front desk to the recruiters in the back of the office. Friendly, welcoming and helpful.

Sandra, Job Seeker

Star Staffing is by far THE BEST staffing agency in Napa!

Tara, Job Seeker

Star staffing agency has been great from getting a prompt response after applying to finding a position immediately that worked out great for me. They seem to care about there employees and are always offering opportunities for work. I recommend applying online at the star staffing agency site and you can expect to hear from them soon after applying. Great for people new to the area in need of work. Thank you star for all your help and I look forward to continuing working with you…

Brendon, Job Seeker

Things are going great. I’m very happy with where I ended up.

Craig, Job Seeker

Star Staffing has been exceptional for getting us the talent we need. There have been a number of last-minute projects that have come up and they provided us with the turnaround that we needed. They are incredibly responsive with getting us quality hires.

Yvonne, EO Products