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2021: Employment Law Updates for HR Leaders
December 8 at 10 am (PST)

Are you prepared for the new employment laws for 2021? Join our webinar to stay up-to-date!

Join Star Staffing and Marissa Buck of DP&F’s Employment Group to learn the important employment law updates for California employers. This webinar will give you a deep understanding of legalities and insights into legal changes in 2021 and how you should be planning.

In this one-hour session you will:

  • Learn about the new 2021 laws, and those specifically affecting HR & employment
  • Have a chance to ask specific questions on topics to gain the clarity you need
  • Get tips on planning for 2021 to ensure you are compliant and prepared 





Shamis Pitts - Webinar Speaker

Your Wellbeing: How Self-Care Impacts the Organization 
October 27

As an HR leader, you have been at the center of organizational change. Let’s take a moment as a community to acknowledge how far you have come, clarify where you want to go, and identify what support you need to get there.

This interactive session is led by Shamis Pitts, is focused on YOUR wellness, celebrating success and taking next steps to reach important goals to support your wellbeing. 

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Workplace Wellness
September 15

Workplace wellness is more important now than ever. With employees balancing work and family, stress levels are high.

Join wellness expert Colleen Boden of Kaiser Permanente to learn how to implement and support a robust wellness program focused on employee health and wellbeing. Encourage and support a healthy lifestyle that supports work/life balance for all.

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webinar speaker - Human resourcesChallenge Unproductive Behavior in the Workplace
August 25, 2020

Star Staffing’s HR Director, Cristina Coate, provides a “how-to” guide on addressing disruptive behavior in the workplace. This guide includes important steps needed to have productive conversations. Learn how to uncover the necessary information and prepare your mindset to shift unproductive behaviors into productive behaviors. 

Tough conversations are never easy, but, having a process can help to navigate the situation and provide the resources needed to get a positive result. With the right approach, you can pivot your employee’s behavior and drive them to succeed. 

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Effective Virtual Feedback Conversations
August 11, 2020

Giving employees or team members feedback is an essential skill for every manager or team leader. Now more than ever, leaders need to adapt to changing times to learn how to provide effective virtual feedback.

Osmar Rivera, an HR leader, and strategist will share his quick guide for success during virtual feedback conversations. Learn how these tips will lead to top performance for your team. Using this method, you will reduce anxiety and maximize opportunities for learning and continuous improvement for your employees.

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Leadership Series Part 2: How to be a Humanistic Leader
July 28, 2020

Join Dr. Craig Nathanson and learn about the complex act of leading. In his presentation, he will discuss how a person must first be able to lead themselves before leading others. Leading one’s self takes a deep sense of self-awareness.

Humanistic Leadership aims to place people over profit to make business more sustainable. Putting people over profit does not mean that profit is not essential. Every business needs profit, but with a humanistic leadership approach, both businesses and people thrive. With the constant threats of the Coronavirus, environmental change, and geopolitical conflict, we need Humanistic Leadership to enable a sustainable business and a more peaceful world

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Leadership Series Part 1: How to Enable Joyful Work
July 14, 2020

Craig Nathanson Ph.D shares information on how HR professionals and leaders can enable meaning at work. 

When work is enjoyable and aligns with one’s deepest core values, all internal indicators increase, such as happiness, energy, sense of meaning in one’s life, and the quality of life and relationships. The career development process, linked to existing job ladders and organizational opportunities, limits growth. And these days, the younger generation wants and demands meaning out of their work. In this webinar, you will learn steps to enable joy at work and encourage your workforce. 

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Response Agility: Leading In & Post Crisis
June 30, 2020

Given the current state of affairs in our country and with Covid-19 looming, many of us are experiencing anxiety, fear, and frustration as a daily norm. In this webinar, Margaret Graziano of KeenAlignment will give you principles and tools to help you recognize your own thinking and how it may be causing more stress and pressure than is necessary.

Learn strategies to help you cope and manage stress and anxiety so you can focus on leading your organization and its people. 

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A Road Map for Returning to Work
June 16, 2020

Learn important considerations as workplace restrictions are lifted and the Recovery Phase begins.

Jason Dries-Daffner, Operations Director & Architect, outlines recommendations and strategies for the re-opening phase of business. This one-hour webinar, grounded in public health guidance, will review information on guidelines that will promote a safe, healthy, and resilient return to business.

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Inspiring Accountability in Remote Workers
June 2, 2020

COVID-19 has created what Time magazine is calling “the world’s largest work-from-home experiment.” It’s teaching leaders who weren’t on board with off-site work that operations can be just as productive as ever — though it takes time and patience to reorient managers to get high performance from a remote team.

Time and patience are in short supply. High employee performance, however, is needed now more than ever. To sustain it, leaders will need to inspire accountability. An expert in accountability, Elaina Noell shares her model for productive communication that is solution-driven.

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Financial Management for Today’s Professional
May 12, 2020

Worried about finances? Afraid about the next turn on the stock market roller coaster? Wondering how to save money in light of COVID-19?

From conserving money to debt to repayment to investing, there’s a lot on everyone’s minds. Let’s talk about it.

Brandon Trammell of Purpose Financial is a personal finance and investing expert. Brandon who specializes in helping professionals create asset resiliency, protect and plan their financial futures, and gain an understanding of market forecast.

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How to Scale Culture with a Remote Workforce
May 28, 2020

Are you interested in building a stronger company culture? Are you wondering how to keep culture when your workforce is home? Guest speaker Carolyn Moore will provide insight and best practices on scaling and managing company culture.

If you’re curious about the next step for your organization or wondering what more you can be doing, this webinar is for you!

With over 20 years of global, strategic human resources and organizational leadership experience, Carolyn Moore leads CultureFluence Consulting, a boutique firm focused on delivering people and organizational solutions with measurable outcomes.

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