10 Reasons to Hire a Staffing Agency

Staffing firms work with both job applicants and organizations looking to hire to facilitate the process and make it smoother for both participants. Companies often work with staffing firms when they need to make their hiring efforts more robust, more efficient, and more cost-effective. Staffing agencies help with retention, logistics, and mitigating risk — which are all crucial steps for growing organizations. 

Staffing firms are also majorly helpful when it comes to finding temporary employees — which organizations with seasonal needs benefit from every year. (We’re especially partial to the wine and hospitality industries here in Northern California.)

If your business is struggling with hiring or you’re looking to grow, it’s likely time to look into staffing agencies. Here are 10 reasons to take the plunge. 


1. You’re in a time crunch and need to grow your staff quickly.

Leaving a position — or many roles — unfilled can majorly hurt your bottom line: Other employees end up having to step in, meaning they’re overworked and more prone to mistakes or burnout. (Both mistakes and burnout can be costly — as is the price of fixing those mistakes and addressing that burnout.) Our HR pros agree that moving fast — without sacrificing quality — is key for hiring.


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2. You’re coming up short when it comes to qualified candidates.

No matter how well you craft your job description, unqualified candidates are all that end up in your inbox. It’s unbelievably time-consuming to sift through to find the perfect candidate, and with every unqualified applicant, a hiring manager’s morale dwindles. A staffing agency takes that work on for you, and they’ll deliver only the most qualified candidates — and nothing else.


3. You’re bogged down and need to streamline the hiring process.

Hiring is time-consuming, and it saps resources. It can bring organizations screeching to a halt, and when you need to get your company back on track, relying on a staffing firm to solicit and screen candidates, schedule and manage interviews, and handle the admin can give you valuable efficiency gains.

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4. Your turnover rates are too high, and you want to improve your employee retention rate.

Employee retention rates are a major headache for human resources professionals for a few reasons: They mean more time devoted to hiring, more time with existing employees covering for unfilled positions while navigating instability on their team, and more strikes to employee morale. Staffing agencies employ their own recruiters who are trained to screen for only the best fits — and they’re shown to increase retention.

5. You need to reduce hiring costs.

Plain and simple: Hiring is expensive. Whether it’s lost opportunity cost, morale costs, or time costs, hiring can inflate an organization’s budget. But a staffing agency takes that work on for lower prices than in-house hiring teams, and they can set you up with temporary employees whose employment packages include less costly benefits. 


6. You want to hire temporary employees.

Temporary employees are a major boon for organizations: They can serve as working auditions for permanent roles or simply fill in during a busy time. A staffing agency is the number one say to hire temp employees, and agencies have a wide pool of candidates to pull from.


7. You’re tired of managing administration, hiring laws, guidelines, and practices — and you want someone else to manage the regulatory details.

There are risks to administrative mistakes in hiring, like misclassification, for example. But staffing agencies maintain high standards of expertise on the most up-to-date regulations and laws in the states they serve. Making sure you’re in compliance is critical, and staffing agencies specialize in keeping your logistics above board.


8. You keep taking hiring risks and getting burned.

What’s a hiring risk? Someone with a red flag or two, but decent enough for the position. It’s a hire based on the hope that they’ll perform better than expected, and it rarely pays off. It leaves you with employee attrition through the roof — remember that bad hires can lead to existing employees jumping ship, too.


9. You need to accommodate seasonal hiring and busy periods.

Tons of industries have staffing needs that fluctuate based on the season or other busy periods — especially the California wine industry. It can be nearly impossible to manage seasonal hiring in big numbers, but staffing agencies have seasonal workers at the ready. And, the agency can handle the administrative logistics that go alongside seasonal workers, too.


10. You’re struggling to hire during the talent shortage.

Since 2020, we’ve seen massive changes in the economy and labor market, making hiring tough for organizations around the country and the globe. But staffing firms have existing relationships with workers, and they can act as a funnel directly to you, even during these uncertain times.