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new hire templates

Easy-to-use templates for every touchpoint to a new hire.

MAGAZINe: hr jolt

Our quarterly print and digital magazine with top industry tips.

Workplace & Employment Trends

Hyper-local labor reports for your exact city.

Onboarding Checklist

Everything you need for a 5-star onboarding experience.

HR Blogs

Best practices, stats, and insights for HR professionals.

Newsletter: HR CAFFEINE

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Offboarding Checklist

Be prepared for a smooth transition with this offboarding checklist.

Interactive Onboarding Template

Empower your new hire to kickstart their growth and ramp up quickly.

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Looking for something in particular? Connect with us and let us know what additional employer resources would be valuable to you and your business. Our goal is to provide an extensive library of professional resources for employers, and specifically human resource leaders. We want to hear your ideas! Human resource leaders are a critical part of every company. We want to be an extension of your HR team.
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Our professional resources for employers includes regular blogs so you can learn more about the topics you care about. 

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