3 Ways to Get Over Your Job Search Blues!

Job Search Blues


Coming off the loss of your job and having to look for a new one can be a soul-crushing experience. Your ego took a beating, you’re hurt, and you’re scared that you might not be able to look for a new job.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to beat your job search blues. You’re going to have to take it one day at a time, working your way past little milestones of success until you finally regain your confidence. Here are three ways to do just that.

  1. Plan Your Attack

During the first few days after losing your job, you probably don’t even feel like getting out of bed. That’s alright. Give yourself some time to sort out your emotions.

At the same time, however, it’s important to have a plan of attack to get back into the job search. Plan a weekly schedule, setting aside a few hours each day to work on your resume and job hunting. The rest can be spent doing something normal, preferably something productive. Keeping a schedule helps to keep you motivated, giving your life a sense of routine and order both of which you had when you were working. This way, the loss of your job won’t feel so disruptive.

  1. Volunteer

Volunteering improves your chances of finding a job. A study by the Corporation for National and Community Service found that out of 70,000 unemployed people, those who volunteered were 27 percent more likely to find a job over those who didn’t.

Volunteering at a nonprofit, for example, is also way to develop skills and knowledge, which may show that you have “higher levels of capacity.” In turn, this can make your resume more attractive to employers.

To top it all off, volunteering and giving back to the community feels good, and is a reward in its own.

  1. Stay Upbeat

You’re back at square one. But are you really? You managed to find work before, and there’s no reason you can’t do it again. Your company might have let you go, but at some point, they saw something in you that made you an asset to the organization.

In time, someone else will see that spark. Your job is to make sure that happens, even if it means climbing up mountains or breaking walls.

If you need any more advice on how to get back on your feet and look for work, talk to the staffing services experts of Star Staffing. Email our Direct Hire Recruiter, Jen Kraus, at jkraus@starhr.com.