3 Ways Social Media Can Help You Land a Job

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Many people create the life they WANT others to see on social media. What many of them do not realize is that employers are also paying attention to that life. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can all help you land that job you want, but they can also hurt your chances if you aren’t careful.

So, what can you do to get positive attention from employers online?

  1. Show Off Your Personality – Don’t Be Fake

First impressions are everything, and potential employers can judge how well you’d fit into their company’s culture with just a glance at your social media profiles. While your skills and experience will be under the microscope, your personality can be something that will really seal the deal.

We all want to impress our friend’s by who we are, and what we do, but potential employers will be able to see right through that charade when they first meet you. It’s simple: don’t pretend to be someone on social media that you aren’t in real life. Trying to keep up with a phony online persona can be downright exhausting, so just be real.

  1. Showcase Communication Skills

Employers are looking at more than where you went vacation and if you’re a party animal (don’t post this, this will hurt your chances BIG TIME). They are looking to see how well you communicate too. This can be shown through your posts and status updates. Always ensure your grammar, punctuation and spelling is correct, these can be big red flags for employers. Another good rule of thumb is to always behave online in a manner you wouldn’t be embarrassed if an employer saw. Try to avoid getting pulled into arguments, using profanity and going on long, negative rants. Additionally, posting about industry news or sharing relevant articles will show case your passion and knowledge that employers will notice.

  1. Quality Over Quantity When It Comes to Online Friends

It can be said that the success of a person can be measured by their circle of friend’s. While it may seem like a great idea to connect with everyone who friend requests you, the quality of the person or page is always better than quantity. Consider the person they are on social media, are they negative all the time, or do you see them posting positive messages and empowering others? Take stock in your friends and see who may be hurting your chances at landing that job.

Help Your Chances, Not Hurt Them

Following some of the tips above can help you to make sure your online presence is one that you would be proud for a potential employer to see. Keeping your presence real online can help you land that job offline.

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