4 Invaluable Lessons Being Fired Will Teach You

Lessons From Being Fired


It’s easy to view termination as the end of the world. For many of us, it is. You may have revolved your life, time, and choices around your work such that getting terminated must have felt like having the ground sink under your feet. Nonetheless, there are silver linings to what seem like terrible events. And the following lessons you learn from getting fired can be invaluable.

  1. Hidden Skills and Newer Interests

Look at the bright side. Sure, unemployment isn’t the greatest situation to be in, but it’s the freest you’ve been in months or years. Now that you have time in your hands, use this freedom to find and develop yourself, rather than mope around at home feeling sorry for yourself. Pick up a new hobby. Read new books. Seek other types of work.

If your last job just wasn’t a fit, maybe figuring out what your fit actually is would up your chances of sticking it out the next time around. Who knows? You might find some aptitude in areas deemed valuable – securing your spot the next time employment agencies recruit people with your skills.

  1. How Not to Mess it Up Next Time

Your previous employer let you go for a reason. Learn from that. Have an encounter with your HR department to discuss the areas they feel you need work on.

You should use these to arrive at better employment in the future. Working on your shortcomings ensures no one can take them against you again. There may even be some off chance that you could find a company that simply doesn’t see your weaknesses as setbacks at all – the perfect fit, in that case.

  1. Unemployment Compensation and Other Useful Labor Laws

Other than the basics like “murder is bad,” you probably won’t know much about the laws you could benefit from – even if and especially in case you’ve been terminated without cause. Would you have known this without getting fired? Probably not. Nonetheless, now you do, and you can now say you have so much more to charge to experience.

  1. Your Real Direction in Life

 It’s no secret that getting fired hits your ego and self-esteem hard. You may, for all we know, have hit rock bottom. And, that’s fine. You would not have had the chance to pause and evaluate just where your life is going and where you want it to go. Unemployment affords you a profound freedom. However, it’s a freedom that knocks you off your feet; it hurts, but you will have no better chance than the one you have now to recalibrate your path with your vision.

If you’re facing these situation, try to take these lessons to heart. Look at the bright side and try think of your termination as a learning experience. Once you’re ready to re-enter the workforce, contact Star Staffing’s Direct Hire Recruiter, Jen Kraus at jkraus@starhr.com.