4 Things to Make Clear to Job Candidates During the Interview

Things to Make Clear During the Interview


Make no mistake about it, the competitive market for top talent has given candidates more control over where they want to work and what kind of compensation packages they ask for. Businesses must adjust, or else they risk losing a large percentage of their potential workforce to other companies.

Unfortunately, the communication aspect of hiring talent and workforce management is often overlooked, with many hiring managers simply interviewing candidates about the usual details: Work history, skills, and training.  But that approach won’t cut it with today’s generation of job searchers, who want to form deeper and more meaningful relationships with companies.

So what should you do in an interview to pique the interest of top talent?

  1. Communicate the Value of Your Employer Brand

Now more than ever, candidates care about the company’s value and image, with a CareerBuilder report showing 91 percent of candidates in their study consider a company’s employer brand before accepting a job offer.

As such, it’s important for any hiring manager and recruitment team to be able to articulate their company’s value clearly, otherwise candidates will just move on elsewhere. But don’t show off, because if you’re communicating an unrealistic image to a candidate, they’ll only end up leaving when their expectations aren’t met.

  1. Provide Insight into the Company’s Culture

Most job postings that mention company culture often do so in these vague terms:

  • Great working environment
  • Team-oriented workplace
  • Fun and exciting environment

These descriptions don’t offer much of an explanation of your company’s work environment and culture, so you need to be clearer. For example, if you value flexibility, talk about how you reward employees by allowing them to work from home.

  1. Discuss Opportunities for Career Growth

Today’s job seekers are more proactive about career growth, better pay, and skills development. According to the Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016, millennials are particularly concerned with career advancement and learning, with 63 percent of them saying their leadership skills need development — a key motivator for finding new employment opportunities.

In the interview, be sure to discuss the opportunities your company offers for growth and skills development. Talk about your company’s positive stance on helping employees move up the ladder and feel personal satisfaction in their careers and personal lives.

  1. “What’s In It For Me?”

The best talents know companies need them, and they won’t hesitate to ask you what’s in it for them when applying at your company. So, your approach shouldn’t be to evaluate the candidate, but rather to sell the idea of working for your company and why it’s the best deal for them.

Be ready to talk about your company’s greatest benefits: Company culture, pay, benefits, career growth opportunities, and so on.

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