5 Skills You Must Develop to Get Any Job You Want

Star Staffing


The future of the workforce looks much different than it did even just five years ago. Technology is evolving, replacing some jobs and vastly changing the look of others. If you want to remain a relevant contributor to the workforce and make sure you’re always sought after by employers, you must evolve with it. Here are five skills to develop to get any job you want.

  1. Brand yourself

If you want to be successful, you need to make yourself stand out as hardworking, trustworthy, confident, and enthusiastic about your industry. Make sure your online presence, resume, and cover letter presents you as a professional and showcases your accomplishments, skills, and most unique traits. Don’t just label yourself as who you are, but who you want to become.

  1. Be comfortable with all types of technology

Technology has invaded and has infiltrated every aspect of our daily lives. Not only has it taken over our personal and social lives, but it’s changing all of our professional tasks and interactions. You need to know how to utilize it all, so you can best maximize your efficiency and convenience, freeing up your time to tackle new challenges and make new innovations.

  1. Grow your network

A solid network will help you maintain financial stability in this ever-changing work environment and open you up to new opportunities when you’re ready to make a career change. The old notion of the company hierarchy, the corporate ladder that everyone’s racing to climb, is nearly extinct. Instead many workers are opening themselves up to freelancing and gig-work, so every connection you make is key. And don’t be afraid to connect a friend or colleague with a new opportunity—the favor can always be returned!

  1. Think to the future

You don’t have to predict the future, just be able to connect the dots, pool your resources, and find opportunity as it evolves. Be comfortable with change and don’t be afraid to adapt, learn, and grow. Be flexible, open to new ideas, and mindful of new opportunities when they come up.

  1. Be resilient

Resilience is always key! Even the smallest of children are working to grow their resilience. You should be able to rebound from setbacks, learn from your mistakes, and change your approach when your first strategy doesn’t work out. That’s where innovation sprouts from—if you can be resilient, you can help to transform your company and propel it to success. Setbacks, issues, and problems can overwhelm and paralyze progress, but if you can rise and overcome them, you’ll be a huge asset to any company.


For more tips on growing your network, check out Step Five in the book, From Receptionist to Boss, written by Star Staffing Vice President, Nicole Smartt.