5 Ways to Get Your Boss to Back Your Ideas

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Pitching what you thought was a great idea to your manager, only to get rejected, can be a quite a blow to your ego. But instead of moping about and hating your boss, try to go back to how you pitched your suggestion. Chances are, there were several things you could have done better.

The next time you present a new idea to your boss, try to keep the following strategies in mind to improve your chances of getting a thumbs-up.

  1. Lower Risk

When you pitch a new idea such as a project or initiative, the first question in your boss’s mind will be “How much will this cost?” followed by “What’s the downside of this?”

So, before you even present your idea, you need to think two to three steps ahead by:

  • Setting realistic milestones that will indicate the success of the project
  • Identifying potential weaknesses
  • Creating strategies to counter these weaknesses

Bottom line? You want to reduce risk as much as possible so your boss buys into the idea.

  1. Be Ready to Defend the Idea

Unless your boss actually encourages it, don’t come to him or her with an idea that’s barely out of the conceptual stage. Your boss may not have the time to think out loud with you. So, if you’re going to pitch an idea, it better be a polished one. Not only that, you need to be ready to defend your idea, especially if it’s going to require the company to spend money.

If your idea is to increase your marketing budget by several thousand dollars, you need to be ready to field objections and justify that it won’t be a waste of time and resources.

  1. Prove You’re the Man for the Job

If your idea is to take on a bigger role in the team, or perhaps a leadership position on a new project, you should be ready to highlight your existing responsibilities and accomplishments to prove you are ready for the job. You can’t expect your boss to entertain your request for a larger role if you’re not cut out for it.

  1. Zero in on Benefits

Ultimately, your boss wants to know what your idea has to offer the team and company. You can focus your pitch on concrete benefits such as:

  • Lowered cost
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased sales
  • Improved customer retention

The more people benefit from your idea, the more likely your boss will approve it.

  1. Be Open to Suggestions

Don’t flip out if your boss suggests changes to improve your idea. If anything, it means your idea is already worth implementing and only needs a few final touches. Remember, bosses are bosses for a reason—their insights could turn a good idea into a great one.

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