8 Skills You Need to Prosper in The Hospitality Industry

Get a Job in Hospitality


Hospitality careers require exceptional customer service skills. Hotels, restaurants, and bars look for certain traits in employees. They also experience high turnover. There are plenty of job openings in the field but highlighting certain skills you possess will help you land the perfect one. Below is a list of the most desirable skills employers in the hospitality industry covet in employees. 

  1. Excellent People Skills

Strong interpersonal skills are one of the most sought-after traits by employers. Social skills mean having aptitude in negotiating, customer service, leadership, problem solving, listening, and conflict resolution. Being friendly is a social skill, but demonstrating the ability to think on your feet, stay calm under pressure, and work well on a team are in higher demand.

  1. Ability to Handle Stress

Hospitality is a service industry based on making customers happy. Having to meet the preferences, requests, and demands from clients and co-workers means being capable of handling a high stress environment.

  1. Strong Work Ethic

You must be willing to work hard to learn the nuances of your trade. Even if you have worked in a restaurant or hotel before, each brand is different. You must put forth effort to master the details. Perhaps that means learning how a hotel prefers to fold their towels or memorizing a restaurant’s menu and most popular meals.

  1. A Team Player

Hospitality work requires you to work well with a team. Each co-worker has their own role, and without everyone fulfilling their duties, the unit would fail. You must be willing to take on additional roles to help your co-workers and supervisors. 

  1. Flexibility

You must be flexible with your schedule. Expect to work nights, weekends, and holidays. You must also be able to adapt to unexpected situations quickly.

  1. Positive Attitude

Team morale requires that you maintain a positive outlook. Don’t criticize your co-workers, and don’t complain. A negative attitude can damage a customer’s experience and tarnish the businesses reputation. Customers don’t like to hear service workers complain.

  1. Be A Good Listener

Attentiveness to both customers and staff, and paying close attention to directions, are both required in the hospitality field. If you mishear a customer’s order, you can ruin their entire dining experience.

  1. Problem Solving Skills

 Having the ability to resolve disputes allows you to address customer concerns effectively and tackle unplanned problems quickly.

The hospitality industry requires attention to detail and strong interpersonal skills. If you are interested in working in hospitality or would like to know if the field is a good fit for your personality and skillset, contact Star Staffing today. We are a renowned industry leader in staffing for over 20 years.