A Hiring Tip for 2020: Design Thinking

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A Hiring Tip for 2020: Design Thinking

Hiring the right candidate for the right job is tricky. People flake, people are elusive about their qualifications, people don’t know what they actually want in a role or company, and finding the right fit is just hard.

But it’s also incredibly rewarding to provide someone an opportunity to succeed, and in turn, the company succeeds. For HR teams, there’s a solution we can all focus on for our problem-solving processes in 2020; design thinking. Leading the charge of design thinking, companies such as Apple and Google have found it immensely useful.

Perhaps design thinking could be the ultimate hiring solution in 2020.


What Is Design Thinking?

Design thinking offers a step by step process to create and innovate solutions creatively. The first step is to empathize with the problem to fully understand it. Second, develop solutions to the problem. Feel free to get creative with your solutions in this stage. Next, you’ll test and refine your solutions. You might have to repeat this step a few times until you’ve finalized your solutions. Next, implement the plan that has been the most successful in testing.

And that’s it!


How Do I Incorporate Design Thinking in The Hiring Process?

When you apply design thinking to your hiring processes, prioritize restructuring the process based on the user’s experience.

First, identify the problem(s) in your current hiring process. Is it slow? Do you struggle with placing people in roles where they succeed, and foresee long-term employment? Are there communication issues? Are you having trouble attracting the right candidates?

Once you have a complete understanding of the problems with your hiring process, it’s time to brainstorm some solutions. Get your team together, and brainstorm possible solutions. Don’t shoot things down in this stage–the more ideas, the better. Talk through all of your ideas, and choose a few that seem like they’ll be successful. Depending on which problems you’ve identified, your solutions could be using new hiring software, looking for candidates in new places, or restructuring your hiring process.

The next step in design thinking is to test and refine the solutions you’ve ideated. You might have to repeat the testing process until you’ve really finalized it. Oftentimes, this step in the process takes the longest. Incorporating changes to your hiring process won’t happen overnight. Take time to properly test and analyze each of your solutions, engaging with your candidates along the way to get feedback and insight on each solution you try. Communication is key in this stage.

The last step is implementing the plan you found worked best during the testing stage. At this point, you’ll want to narrow it down to one plan, even if it’s comprehensive. It takes a lot to implement change in your hiring process, so you want your effort to be pointed. You have the data and evidence to back you up, so don’t be afraid to make the changes you need to make. You’ve found a creative solution to make your hiring process better for everyone involved. And that’s something to be proud of.


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