A Message to Graduates from Star Staffing

Star Staffing

Graduation is often a strange and tumultuous time. Between job hunting, facing physical relocations, friend groups relocating, and trying to remember who you are outside of an information-consuming machine, it might feel daunting to take the next step. 


Here’s the thing: you’re the person in all the world that is best equipped to take your next step. You might question it here and there. Some days are going to feel more solid than others. That’s understandable and completely normal! Just don’t lose sight of the fact that you are totally qualified to be driving your life, right now. 


Before your graduation date, take the time to reminisce, and to remember friends, amazing classes, and great class projects. Remember the days that felt like an entire semester, and the days that went by so fast it felt like magic. Where you are right now is because of effort you put in. That’s pretty amazing!


Whether you are on the precipice of a lifelong career or about to start the first of 36 personal pivots, the important thing is that you’re going to keep growing, and learning, and doing great things. You’re going to keep showing up! It’s okay to feel lost sometimes and to second guess or change your mind. That’s where a whole lot of life’s richness comes from! 


No matter what, we’re proud of you. We’re celebrating with you. And we’ll be here by your side as life continues forward and you embark on the next chapter in your career.