8 Things you MUST do to Ace that Interview!

With over 60 years of combined experience, our recruiters have had their share of less than desirable interviews. The job interview is your opportunity to create a positive impression of yourself, and can mean the difference between the door opening, and the door slamming shut. Here are eight tips designed to help you create a favorable–and memorable–impact!


By being late you are making a poor first impression before you even arrive.  There is NO excuse for being late and trying to make one can upset the person interviewing even more.  Leave early, do whatever it takes. BE ON TIME!

2. Dress Appropriately

Dress for the part AND environment.  If you are interviewing in an office (even if it is for a farm position) wear office attire.  If you are interviewing in a warehouse, we don’t expect you to wear a suit, but be presentable.  Never wear anything too revealing or dirty. Make sure to groom appropriately and not wear too much perfume or cologne. My best advice is to Dress to Impress!

3. Cell Phones

Leave your cell phone in the car.  This way it cannot interrupt you or your interviewer in any way. If you think you will need information out of your phone for the interview (such as a phone number for a reference) write it down on a piece of paper in advance.

4. Be Prepared

Bring your resume, a note pad, references, certificates or reference letters, etc.  Your interviewer may already have this information but you will look prepared if you bring it with you. Also make sure to take the time to learn a little about the company and position you are interviewing for. Take some time to think of the questions you may be asked (but don’t rehearse your answers or you will sound too scripted).

5. Use your manners

Be polite and professional.  Be friendly and outgoing but don’t make jokes. Also don’t try to be best friends with or flirt with the interviewer. Answer the questions directly and don’t babble. Don’t badmouth bosses or coworkers, etc. Look confident and have good posture. Don’t play with your hair or put your feet up. Make direct eye contact!

6. Be confident

Talk about and be proud of your accomplishments, both professionally and personally.  Have goals for your career and tie them to the position you are interviewing for.  Have a passion about why you want to work in the field/industry you are interviewing for and talk about how you are going to further your knowledge in that area.  The more intelligent and informed you are, the more impressive you will look.

7. Ask Questions

Not only will this make your interviewer know that you are interested in the position but it will give you a chance to make sure you understand what you might be getting into.  If the interviewer doesn’t offer you a chance, ask to ask.

8. Send a thank you note

It is easy to send an email, but make the extra effort to mail your interviewer a hand written thank you note.  It once again reinforces your interest in the job.  It doesn’t take long, but make it sincere.