Ask the Hiring Boss: I am not getting any skilled employees for our open roles. How can I change this?

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Dear Hiring Boss, 

We’ve recently created a few new roles, and I started the hiring process excited to see the sorts of candidates we’d get. It’s now been a few weeks, and the candidates we’ve interviewed lack the skills we’re seeking. We work in a highly competitive market, and budgets are such that we can’t offer the glamorous salaries that might attract highly skilled employees. Still, I think these roles are amazing opportunities for anyone in the industry. What can I do?

– A Rejected (and Dejected) Hiring Manager


Dear Rejected (But Not For Long!),

Cheer up! You’ve got a real opportunity here, especially with those less experienced candidates. It’s time to consider apprenticeship opportunities! Yep, you can train those applicants to become the skilled employees you desire.

What I mean by that: Consider using a “get your foot in the door” model with job seekers. Offer on-site training programs to anyone new to your industry and get them up-skilled using your own techniques in the business. In my experience, employees who are learning and who have mobility from an apprenticeship into a full-time paid role tend to stay longer and are more engaged with their employers.

Bonus: You get the candidates you want to be working with because you train them to your standards.

Best of luck!



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