Ask the Hiring Boss: What HR Processes Should I Automate?

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Hey Hiring Boss,

Big fan of your advice column. Given all the recent news about AI, etc., I’m curious to hear your thoughts: What are some aspects of HR that you think more people could automate?

-Busy HR Manager


Dear Busy,

I love this question! (And thank you for reading Ask the Hiring Boss!) I’m a big proponent of automating any HR processes that allow us more time to connect with our teams. So: automate the busy work, and personalize the deep work.

Depending on your resources, I’d recommend exploring tools that make life simpler for you and also for employees. Examples include:

  • Using modern payroll platforms like Gusto or Bamboo HR to send direct deposits
  • Working with a benefits partner that provides employees with an app or intuitive website for finding care, booking appointments, and checking plan details
  • Automating time-off requests (if you haven’t already)
  • Temp or temp-to-hire staffing! If you’re hiring in California, let us do that.


As for overlooked areas, I think more HR professionals can and should automate onboarding and offboarding! If you put a detailed structure in place, including organizing and digitizing important resources, you can streamline the process both ways. But don’t sacrifice those one-on-one exit interviews or performance reviews! These are examples of “personalizing the deep work,” so make time for them. I also often recommend personalized “stay interviews,” where you check in one-on-one with current employees to see how things are going — a key for retention!

Hope that helps! And for the record, this was not written by ChatGPT 😉


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