Boomerang Employees: 6 Reasons Why They May Be Worth a Second Look

Boomerang Employees


Once a taboo topic, the number of employers re-hiring boomerang employees continues to rise. A boomerang employee is one that leaves a company and after a brief hiatus or working elsewhere, returns. Unlike the past, where this relationship was often like a bad breakup, employers and staffing managers are beginning to look at former employees with a different set of glasses.

Here are 6 reasons why.

  1. They Know Their Way Around

One of the prime benefits to re-hiring a former employee is they already know their way around your company. They understand the expectations and know how things work from the inside. The onboarding process of these employees will be much easier and overall quicker. Getting them up to speed usually only involves updating them on any changes, making it more accommodating to both you and them.

  1. With Growth Comes More Experience

They’ve taken some time to reflect and grow as a person both personally and professionally, which can benefit your company as well. Since leaving, they now have more experience and a longer list of networking opportunities. This can be beneficial to the growth of your company as well.

  1. Cost Reduction with Training

Training a new employee can be quite costly. But when you re-hire a quality former employee this can help to reduce hiring costs and create a lower employee turnover rate.

  1. Improved Company Morale

Re-hiring a former employee sends a valuable message to current employees. They’ll take notice when they see, as an employer you are forgiving and recognize talent when you see it.  Current employees will feel more comfortable in their position within your company.

  1. An Increase in Employee Commitment and Productivity

Those who have left your company to seek out greener pastures are likely to be more productive with an improvement in their commitment to your company values. They have been through the experience with another company and recognize where they really are meant to be.

  1. Valuable Insight and Industry Information

Former employees who have left your company for a competitor may bring back with them valuable insight and industry specific information. This can help aid your current business strategies and increase overall productivity within your current employee pool.

Keep an Your Eyes Open and Your Mind Fresh

 While not everyone who leaves your company will be a great loss, there are the exceptions. Keeping your eyes open for boomerang employee opportunities may benefit your company more than you know. Do you need some more advice about boomerang employees? Let our staffing experts at Star Staffing help!