Five Easy Ways How to Celebrate Father’s Day at Work

How to celebrate Father's Day at work: have fun

Father’s Day is just around the corner! 

Sunday, June 20th is Father’s Day! In recognition of this awesome day, let’s recognize the dads who do it all. Nowadays, so many fathers juggle working from home and managing childcare responsibilities. With the future of remote work shifting, this may remain the case for some time. That’s why showing love and appreciation to hard-working fathers on Father’s Day is equally as important as appreciating mothers on their special day!

So how can we celebrate fathers in their quest to be great employees and great dads? Here are five ways to ensure working dads aren’t forgotten this Father’s Day.

Five Easy Ways How to Celebrate Father’s Day at Work

Give Them a Father’s Day Token of Gratitude

It’s not easy being a full-time employee as well as a full-time dad! Support your family-oriented father figures at work by giving them a great dad-sized mug to use every day for morning coffee. Perhaps you can put together a gift basket with snacks for dads  – maybe a barbeque or hot sauce-themed gift basket! Who knows, a gift card to the best local coffee shop could be a nice gesture as well.

Consider thinking outside of the box about how to show gratitude to working parents. There are plenty of ways to thank them, and they don’t have to be expensive!

Father's Day Gift Idea

Gift an Experience for Father’s Day

Your employees care about the work they do, but they also have lives too. What matters to dads at work? Their kids! Provide them with complimentary tickets to the zoo or a new pop-up kid-friendly museum experience. Working from home? Consider giving dads food credits to go get dinner together as a family after work. In addition to this special occasion, consider offering them some at-home kids activities and work-from-home support resources to set them up for success.

Set Up a Fun Father’s Day (In-Person or Virtual) Event

Have a family-oriented workplace? Have a few dads on the team? Make it a company affair to celebrate parenthood with them! Set up activities like bingo and/or quizzes with prizes to get the dads feeling appreciated and recognized while getting the whole team together.

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Offer a Strong Maternal/Paternal Leave Policy

Welcoming a newborn into the family is a beautiful and challenging experience for moms AND dads. Consider offering comprehensive maternal/paternal leave benefits for both parties to use to care for their newest member of the family.

Give Fathers Day Off!

If the time and capacity are available, consider offering a full or half-day off. This could be an extremely beneficial opportunity for any fathers on your team to have some focused quality time with their families and they will be sure to appreciate you for it.

Dads are Superheroes

How to celebrate Father's Day at work

No matter how you choose how to celebrate Father’s Day at work, be sure to recognize their efforts! They are true superheroes!

Consider, also, whenever you hire more working dads or employees in general, that you provide them with a comprehensive onboarding experience to set them up for success. Working from home, starting a new job, and juggling parenting responsibilities can be overwhelming! Consider implementing an onboarding best practice checklist to help make their transition into the role more seamless and manageable.