How to Ask for a Raise . . . And Get it!

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Traditionally, money talk is taboo. We’re not supposed to do it. Discussing finances is stressful, and discussing your own financial situation is particularly uncouth, right? Not right. Much of the stress from money talk actually comes from the lack of open dialogue and information about the topic. But we’re here to change that. Money talk and career talk should go hand in hand. And in everyone’s career, there comes a point when your salary no longer reflects your work. Your workload has increased over your time in your role, you’ve met your goals, you’ve furthered the company’s mission, and you’re still being paid the same base salary you began with. It’s time to ask for a raise.


When you’re ready to navigate that tough conversation with your manager, ready to ask for what you deserve—ready to ask for a raise—preparation is absolutely imperative. Asking for a raise comes down to three steps; researching your number, compiling your evidence, and rehearsing your ask.


Let’s go over each step:

1.Research Your Number

Research is absolutely imperative to solidify your “ask”. And, if you’ve done the research to back up your number, it will make you more confident in your ask. Research salaries based on your job title, your location, and years of experience including certifications or specific skills. Don’t make up a number or base your ideal salary off of your financial responsibilities. Your salary should reflect your work, not your rent requirements.

Look up job titles similar to yours to get a better estimate for your salary “ask”, especially if you’re in a creative role where job descriptions for roles with different titles are similar—think “Social Media Manager”, “Social Media Marketer”, or “Social Media Marketing Manager.” Search on multiple sites, using calculators like Glassdoor, PayScale, and even LinkedIn Salary.

Research salaries based on your location, too. Be sure to calculate the cost of living, which varies from city to city. Use a tool like NerdWallet’s Cost of Living Calculator to help estimate the impact of the cost of living in your city or a city you’re looking to relocate to. Rural towns in the Midwest have a much different cost of living than suburban areas like Los Angeles—so do your research!

Consider your years of relevant experience, as well as any special certifications or specialized skills. Your salary ask should reflect the experience that makes you better at your job.

2. Compile Your Evidence

Think back over your time at the company. What are your accomplishments? What have you uniquely contributed to the company? Focus on results here, not on simply describing your accomplishments. Show, don’t tell. Remind your manager, your company, why you’re important. Why you’re worth the money you’re asking for. What have you done?

To show your accomplishments, use numbers to support your claims. Avoid statements like “I grew the social media channels in the past two years.” Instead, try “I implemented strategies that grew our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube followers by 500% in 2 years. We were able to triple the size of our email lists, and received over 50,000 submissions to our giveaways, directly boosting our value in partnerships.”

After you cover the past, explain why you’re going to be valuable in the future. What will your continued employment enable you to do in the next year? And again, be specific. List a few things that you’re looking forward to accomplishing in the next quarter, and in the next year. Tie your personal goals into the goals of the company.

3. Rehearse Your Ask

As with anything, practice makes perfect. Rehearse your ask. The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll be. And the more comfortable you are, the more confident you’ll seem.

Practice your ask in the mirror, practice in front of friends, and practice to your pets. If you have the time, try taking a video of yourself making your “ask”, then review it and make adjustments.

Lastly—it’s more than okay to write down talking points, and/or make a presentation or one-pager showing that evidence you came up with earlier. If it helps keep you on track, do it. Your manger may need it to convince their manager as well, so coming prepared will only help you win your case and get that raise you deserve!


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