Interview Jitters: 3 Ways to Cure Your Anxiety

Cure Interview Anxiety


You’re in the hot seat, palms are sweaty, knees weak, and arms are heavy. It’s interview day, and your insides feel like they’ve just been swapped for a washing machine. You’re nervous, which is perfectly normal considering how high the stakes are. You’ll be talking to someone who will pore over your face, your mannerisms, what you say, and tone of voice.

But, nothing good will ever come from dwelling too much with these things. Yes, there are many unknown variables in an interview, but what you can do is take charge of the variables you can control.

  1. Do Your Homework and Come Ready

The problem with being ready is that you’re never going to know you are unless you just do whatever it is that you need to do — in this case, entering the interview room. That being said, the best solution to controlling your nerves is preparation. In fact, your nervousness may ultimately help you stay sharp and perform at your best.

Preparation is key to building confidence, which in turn gives you control over your thoughts and emotions during the interview, channeling your anxiety towards positive results. The more you prepare and practice, the more routine things become, thus giving you confidence.

  1. Think Positive

As cliché as it sounds, there really is something about taking on a positive mindset, at least as far as job interviews are concerned. Looking for a job isn’t exactly the most fun thing in the world, and after a string of rejections, things can look downright miserable, which is no surprise why so many unemployed people have a cynical outlook of the world.

Staying positive will ultimately help you pull through in the end, not just with the job search process, but also when dealing with your anxiety. Keeping a positive view of things allows you to focus on your unique selling points, bringing the interviewer’s attention to them.

  1. Step Back and Rationalize

Sometimes, all it takes is some perspective to remember that you’re smart, and that there’s no reason to be this nervous. Before an interview, remember you’re not applying to the only job left in the world. You’re not in the Inquisition — it’s just a job interview for a role to help you pay your bills. There will be more opportunities out there if you don’t get it.

Most of our fears are irrational and something we place on ourselves unnecessarily. Whenever you’re feeling anxious, take a step back and see the big picture — it’s just a meeting, not a life or death matter.

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