I Love Work, I Love Work Not!



When February rolls around, the first thing we think of is Love (Valentine’s Day). But what about loving what you do at work? After all, you’re spending quite a bit of time there! If you’re feeling burnt out, here are a few tips to get you rejuvenated, to relight that spark, and get you ready for love again… loving your job that is!


  1. Find (or rediscover) your purpose. Why did you start at the company? What was the thing that got you excited when you first started? Going back to that first spark, that moment that inspired you, can help you connect to the core of your passion.


  1. Think about the future. What do you want to do in the next year? How about the next three years? Is this job aligned with those goals? You’d be surprised how much it can be. Think about ways your current skills can move you closer to your goals. Nurture and enhance your skills and your goals will appear suddenly much closer to being achieved. Use your work to further the vision you set for your future. You will not only excel at what you do, but you may just discover that your goals are right where you are.


  1. Do some soul searching. Is it really stress from work or is it personal? Eight out of ten times it’s something outside of work. Recognize your stresses’ and tensions’ genuine origins, and spend time outside of work to address them. When you’re at work, give yourself the freedom to focus on work.


  1. Feeling isolated? Communicate. As in love, so in work: if the people you’re interacting with don’t understand why you might be upset, disappointed or feeling isolated, the problem cannot be fixed. Communicate your needs, your dreams, and your hoped-for trajectory. You might be surprised how expressing your dreams will bring unexpected (and wonderful) results.


  1. Spoil the ones you love. If you have team members that always have your back, or go above and beyond, do something to show them you care. Being appreciated goes a long way, and can raise both the overall mood of that special someone (or more than one!) and the whole team’s morale. It’s more likely than not that you are that person to someone else on your team, too.


When your heart is present in what you do, your work will reflect your dedication. The quality of your output and the overall morale of your team will in turn also be reinvigorated. Let that spark of inspiration be your guide and enjoy the sweetness of the moment. And let’s be honest… chocolate doesn’t hurt either.