Post-Interview Thank-You Templates

Post-Interview Thank-You Templates

Writing a thank-you note after an interview helps you continue to make a positive impression on an employer. It reinforces your interest in the position and shows why you’re highly qualified.

Emailing a thank-you note influences whether the employer decides to hire you. It offers a personal touch that not all candidates display.

Sending a thank-you note helps you stand out from the candidates who don’t send one. As a result, you have greater odds of moving forward in the hiring process.

Learn what to include in each part of your post-interview thank-you email with these tips and templates.

Subject Line

Choose a subject that properly conveys your message. Something concise and straightforward like “Thank you for your time” or “Great to meet you today” should be appropriate.

Personal Greeting

Begin with a salutation. “Hello, [interviewer name]” or “Dear [interviewer name]” typically is ideal.

Expression of Gratitude

Start the body of your email with a show of appreciation. Thank the interviewer for meeting with you. Include the job you interviewed for to provide context. For instance, “Thanks for talking about the marketing manager role with me today.”

Restatement of Your Qualifications

Briefly review your skills, experience, and background. Show how they make you well-suited for the role. For instance, “My search engine and social media marketing expertise make me a top candidate for this marketing position.”


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Encourage the Next Step

Close by asking the interviewer to include you in the next step of the hiring process. Include what you learned you need to do to complete this section. This may involve providing references or completing another interview. For instance, “Please feel free to contact me for a follow-up interview.”

Provide Your Contact Information

Share your email address and phone number below your closing. This makes it easier to contact you for the next step.

Thank-You Email Templates

Template 1:

Subject line: Thank you for meeting with me

Hello Angela,

Thank you again for meeting with me yesterday morning. I enjoyed discussing the Marketing Manager role and finding out more about the marketing team.

The position sounds rewarding, especially with the opportunities for collaboration and advancement. I believe my master’s degree in marketing makes me a top candidate for the position.

I look forward to talking with you more about this opportunity. Please contact me if you need more information about my references.

Thank you,

April Brown


Template 2:

Subject line: Thanks for meeting with me

Hi Angela,

Thanks for interviewing me this afternoon. I enjoyed talking about the Marketing Manager role and learning how the position works. The marketing and advertising teams clearly work together to optimize performance and reach goals.

The Marketing Manager role sounds rewarding. I especially like the opportunities for leadership and advancement. I believe my master’s degree in marketing and more than 8 years of experience leading marketing teams positions me as a top candidate for this role.

I look forward to talking with you more about this opportunity. Please feel free to contact me for a follow-up interview.

Thank you,

April Brown


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