How to Stay Safe in Your Production Job

Production Job Safety at Star Staffing

When it comes to production job safety, your employer can and should put measures into place to help eliminate accidents and injuries. Those measures include actions such as eliminating staff shortages, providing effective employee onboarding, offering ongoing training, and implementing standards of procedure. But in order for workplace safety to work, your participation is critical as well. You can also take measures on the job to keep yourself safe.

Take on the job of keeping yourself and your coworkers safe this year with the below tactics.

Follow Safety Protocols

Whether it’s how to operate new equipment or how to clean up a chemical spill, make sure you’ve read and have easy access to necessary safety documents. Your company’s safety documents might be found in a bound notebook or a mobile app. Make sure you’re familiar with where to locate safety protocols and how to use them.  As well, ask for help or clarification or more training when something is unclear. Following your company’s safety protocols also includes using appropriate safety and ergonomic gear.

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Take Breaks

When you’re tired, you’re more prone to accidents and injury. Working while you’re fatigued can affect your judgment, putting you and others at risk. Taking breaks not only helps reduce fatigue but may also help prevent injury. Sitting or standing for long periods of time can cause strain on your back and neck.

Staying alert is a key preventative measure when it comes to staying safe at work. And be sure to reach out to coworkers when they appear sleepy or exhausted because workplace safety requires teamwork.

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Don’t Ignore Unsafe Conditions

Employers are required by law to provide you with a safe workplace. Following checklists and safety procedures can help you identify unsafe conditions or potential hazards before someone gets hurt. When you see something that disrupts on-the-job safety measures, notify the management as soon as possible. Be sure to follow procedures put in place to document and report various incidents, preferably in writing.  This will ensure the appropriate person(s) is notified and that the situation will be fixed correctly.

Staying safe on the job begins with taking personal responsibility. Caring for your physical and mental health, identifying potential hazards, and remaining compliant with safety protocols are all steps that you can take to ensure that you and your coworkers avoid injuries at work.

Whether you’re ready to develop the skills you have or whether you’re ready to use your skills in a new industry, Star Staffing is here to help! If you’re looking for more safety advice check out these blogs!



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