It’s Scientific Fact: Follow These 3 Tips to Land Your Next Job

Scientific Fact


As a job seeker, you may already have a fairly good idea of how to prepare for an interview. Whether it’s researching about the company or studying the industry, you know the score. But if you really want to nail the interview, you could use some from help from science. That’s right – we’re talking about interview tips backed by scientific fact. Here are three tips to help you land the job of your dreams.

  1. Prime Yourself for Success

A positive mindset is critical to success. If you are feeling down or anxious, these negative feelings can contribute to your failure. So if you want to do well for an interview, you have to put yourself in a state where you feel strong and successful. Studies show that priming yourself before an interview by thinking of a time you felt powerful can benefit your performance immensely. So take some time to remember a time when you felt successful in order to boost your chances of actually succeeding.

  1. It’s Not What You Wear, It’s How You Feel in Your Clothes

You have probably come across a lot of articles online about what to wear for a job interview. But whether you decide to dress in business casual attire or a three-piece suit, science says that it’s not about the clothes – it’s about how you feel wearing them.

A study on how clothes affect your brain process reveals that feeling confident in what you’re wearing boosts performance. So if you are wearing a new scratchy suit that you don’t feel comfortable in, you can end up being very uncomfortable during the interview. Instead of something new, wear something familiar – preferably something you’ve succeeded in before.

  1. Pose Your Way to the Job

You probably remind yourself now and then to sit up straight, but did you know that people who puff out their chests and stand tall tend to exude confidence and dominance?

According to body language expert, Amy Cuddy, people can use power posing to mimic effective leaders who have “a classic hormone profile: high levels of testosterone, low levels of cortisol (a stress-associated hormone)”. In fact, studies show that just two minutes of standing powerfully can drop your cortisol and spike your testosterone. These poses have been shown to increase self-esteem and reduce fear.

So stand tall, dress comfortably and prime yourself for success! If you want more interview tips, talk to the employment experts of Star Staffing. Reach out to us today!


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