The New Star Staffing App That Gets You Hired

Introducing the New Star Staffing App


Recently developed, the Star Staffing App (AKA the Star App) is a multi-functional mobile application for job seekers to connect to vetted local opportunities across Northern California and beyond. The Star App makes it easy for job seekers to connect with employers’ new open roles, all conveniently from a mobile device.

How to get started:

Step 1: Download the Star Staffing App.

Step 2: Create your account through the app and select the industry, location and pay you are seeking.

Step 3: Get Star-Verified by connecting with our recruiting team.

Step 4: Get daily job matches straight to your phone.

Step 5: Apply with just one tap!

Step 6: Get hired.

Yes. It’s just that easy – and we’re so excited to share this resource with you! The Star Staffing App is a real game-changer in how you approach your next career move.

8 Reasons to Start Using the Star App Right Now

  1. Tell us your preferences

Customize the app to reflect your ideal job preference such as location, position, industry, pay, and more.

  1. Get matched with the best local jobs

Get connected to job openings right in your backyard! We take the work out of your job search by presenting new roles to you that are actually in your area. Simply click “interested” when you see a position that you’d like to apply for. If you don’t like the opportunity we sent you, then don’t apply! It’s that easy.

  1. Get real-time job alerts 

When you sign up, you’ll get real-time job alerts sent straight to your phone. Additionally, receive work-related reminders, including shift information, from the app anytime, anywhere.

  1. Don’t waste time

We do all the heavy lifting, so you can spend your valuable time doing what matters: finding the perfect job. We source your work experience from your profile and align it to open roles so that you don’t have to spend your time filling out long, lengthy job applications.

  1. Manage your Schedule

View your work schedule and manage your job contracts week over week or month over month.

  1. Get relevant career advice

Receive salary negotiation tips, interview techniques, and more from our Star Staffing trusted sources.

  1. Find the answers to your questions

Job seekers can reach a recruiter quickly right from the app to ask questions and get answers.

  1. Have access to a job resource center

Think of the Star app as your all-in-one job resource center. Learn about new opportunities, connect with a recruiter, apply for jobs, manage your work schedule, and more.


Let’s Get You Started

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today! The Star App is completely free of charge and can get you inside-access to the hottest jobs in Northern California. It doesn’t matter if you’re in winemaking, manufacturing, administration, farm work, or even the C-suite, Star has something for you and we’re happy to be your go-to resource in your job search process.

Feel free to reach out to a recruiter here and learn more about our new app. Learn how Star Staffing can best serve you, and sign up to be connected to the job of your dreams today!

Don’t forget to use the Star Staffing app in tandem with our best-in-class staffing services. To get more information about our app or the employment agencies in Sacramento, contact us at 916-274-4543.

Don’t forget to download the Star App in the App Store or Google Play store.


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