Want to Improve Your Team? Hire a Veteran

Veteran Ready to Get Hired

When any organization is looking to hire new talent, they’re often looking for the usual qualities any hiring manager desires: dedication, commitment, reliability, loyalty, and a desire to work hard.

And guess what? These character qualities are what you’ll find in most veterans. It’s no small wonder then why tech companies are pushing to hire veterans.

Below are 4 reasons why hiring military veterans makes organizations stronger. 

  1. Veterans are Goal-Oriented

Veterans know what it’s like to be given a mission and be expected to see it to the end. Employees with military backgrounds are often more goal-oriented and less likely to complain about working long hours and skipping breaks every now and then when an important task has to be accomplished within a limited time frame. Veterans are also trained to be problem solvers and are used to handling challenges without losing focus of the big picture.

  1. Veterans have Strong Teamwork Skills

Former military personnel appreciate the importance of working as a unit. They know the smallest mistake by one individual could lead to mission failure or even death. The fact that veterans have been trained to function in a team and work closely with other teams makes them an invaluable asset to any company, regardless of industry, looking for tried and proven team players.

  1. Veterans have Leadership Training

The ability to take over a unit and assume a leadership position at any time is something that’s been drilled into the minds of military veterans. This is especially true for officers who received their rank at a young age. This means they’re used to handling responsibilities, the list of which grows the higher they move up the command ladder. When they move back into civilian life, veterans already have the leadership skills to thrive in any company—direction, management, delegation, and intuitiveness among others. But more importantly, veterans are trained to follow orders—the foundation of being a great leader.

  1. Veterans are Accustomed to Pressure

The average person won’t have experienced the kind of pressures faced by those in the military, especially veterans who’ve been deployed to war zones. Former military personnel are less likely to sink under the pressure of challenges and difficult tasks thanks to their experience of working in tough, life-threatening conditions. Tasks that seem stressful to ordinary workers will be a minor inconvenience to veterans.

When it comes right down to it, veterans looking to enter the civilian workforce offer the rare combination of skills, work ethic, and character any company would kill for. Learn more benefits of hiring veterans by talking to the staffing experts of Star Staffing! We can help you connect with our network of former military personnel. Visit our contact page to get in touch with one of our staffing agents.