Why Working with a Recruiter is Worth Every Penny

Working with a Recruiter

Hiring a new employee is an expensive and time consuming process, so much so that finding new talent is often more expensive than simply giving an existing employee a raise. Hiring means spending hours sifting through resumes and cover letters – hours taken away from other matters vital to operating your company.

This is just one of many reasons why working with recruitment firms or employment agencies can turn out to be a more cost-effective and smarter solution to hiring talent. Below are a few more:

  1. They Know the Market

A capable recruitment firm will have intimate knowledge of different job markets, giving your hiring team valuable insight in to what has to be done to attract talent. A recruiter will typically keep a database of available talent, which includes their contact information, desired salary rates, career goals, skill sets, and hiring challenges. The best recruiters will act as your partners, acting as your eyes and ears in the jobs market.

  1. They Have a Wider Reach

Some candidates may be difficult to find because they’re not actively looking for work, or they’re selective about whom they want to work for. But even if candidates aren’t responding to job ads, don’t identify themselves with your talent pool, or simply don’t have the time to look for work full-time, they may have existing relationships with specialist recruiters in your industry.  Even passive candidates are likely to have interacted with a recruiter in one way or another, thus making it possible to reach them.

  1. Candidates, Not Applicants

A company’s efforts to attract talent are often geared towards attracting applicants, who either learn about your company through ads, on-site job fairs, or your website. Many of these people aren’t necessarily a good match with the role, which means having to spend time and money to screen, interview, consolidate, and match applicants. This often results in bad candidate experiences brought about by poor matching and workforce management processes.  In contrast, a recruitment firm will have an existing pool of candidates­—job seekers who have been pre-selected by the recruiter as potential matches.

  1. They Can Help Build Your Brand

 Large companies have the resources and time to build their employer brand, making it easy for job seekers to learn about them. In contrast, smaller businesses may not have the resources to do the same, leaving them off most jobseekers’ radar. 

Working with the right agency can mean giving candidates real insight into your business’ work culture and career opportunities, as they can handle the job of advertising your employer brand to potential candidates.  Working closely with a staffing services company means letting their recruiters spend time getting to know you and your key managers – only then can they represent you as a solid employer in the eyes of candidates.

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