Workplace & Employment Trends Report

A Free Monthly Report on Emerging Trends in Labor

The Monthly Workplace &
Employment Trends Report

The American job market changes rapidly, even more so in California with its highly specific industries. That’s why we offer this in-depth report on workplace and hiring trends.

Each month, we round up the top labor market highlights and use our industry expertise to give you action-oriented insights so your company can use those trends to its advantage.

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What’s Included in the Report

  • A high-level overview of U.S. workplace and employment trends, including emerging trends in the jobs market
  • Insights specific to California labor market trends, shifts, and changes — because as a leading staffing firm for Northern California, we know hiring in this state is complicated!
  • Industry-specific employment trends – we track the top industries so you know exactly what’s happening 
  • Bonus: We also provide additional resources and tips, so you can dive even deeper and make informed decisions

Job Gains

Each labor report includes data on how many new jobs have been created and which industries are growing. Stay ahead of your competition. Learn the skills and experience most in demand.

Unemployment Rates

Learn how the unemployment rates have changed and gain insights on hiring trends. Understand the candidate pool so you can gauge what it will take to reach the right fit.

Expert Insights

We'll round up our favorite tips and analysis of each month's numbers, then provide you with an overview of what's coming, so you can best drive the hiring needs for your business.

Also Included: California Labor Market Trends

Our workplace and employment report covers labor trends for Northern California regions including:

Why Is It Important to Understand Workplace Trends?

No matter your industry or your hiring goals, employment and workplace trends matter. 

With the rise of remote work, the adoption of new labor laws and wage requirements, pushes for unionization across industries, and more, the jobs market is more complicated — and competitive — than ever. 

By regularly reporting on trends in employment and labor to your team, HR leaders, and executives, you can adapt your hiring practices to whatever comes your way. It’s a strategy that will set you apart from the competition — and attract the stellar job candidates that you deserve.

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