Employee Screening
and Selection

Our robust screening and selection
process ensures the perfect employee fit.

We find the perfect employee for you.

Our screening and selection process is thorough to ensure the perfect fit for your role and company. Our comprehensive process matches skills, personality, experience, safety requirements, background checks and more to ensure only qualified individuals who will get the job done safely and efficiently work for you.

1. Comprehensive Employment Application

All applicants go through a rigorous screening and selection process. Our application gathers robust data from candidate skillset, work experience, employment history, education and more.

2. In-depth Interview

All applicants participate in a thorough interview process, which includes both situational and open-ended questions.  We carefully screen all employee to ensure skillset, experience, personality fit, values, punctuality, and more.

3. Safety Training

Each applicant goes through safety training and completes a quiz to ensure all safety measures are met when on assignment. Safety is our priority.

4. E-verifications

Every applicant goes through electronic verification to ensure employment eligibility and the validity of Social Security Numbers.

5. Reference Checks

We verify past employment references to ensure accuracy and gather feedback that may further help in our screening and selection process.

Screening Add-Ons

We’re here to find your perfect employees based on your needs and requirements. We can customize your screening and selection with any of the following add-ons:

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