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Join like-minded HR professionals to sharpen your skills, get current on trending topics, and discover new ideas.

The set up and topics were great, very relevant to today’s challenges and environments.

2023 Keynote Speakers

Ben Eubanks

HR Analyst, Author, Podcaster

Margaret graziano

CEO,  Author, Culture Consultant

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the summit. I am new to HR, am learning on the job, and am happy to soak up anything more knowledgeable people are willing to share! This is my second time attending and both times I've come away with some takeaways to evaluate to see how we can improve our team.


Ben Eubanks, HR Summit Speaker for Star Staffing
Ben Eubanks

Morning Keynote: What HR Looks Like in 2023 – 3 Key Trends
Speaker: Ben Eubanks, HR Analyst, Author, Podcaster

Succeeding in the People profession today is harder than ever before. We have higher expectations, fluctuating talent issues, and greater responsibilities than any time in history. But by narrowing our focus to the key, high-leverage activities that matter to our people and the business, we can create more successful talent outcomes overall. In this session, author and researcher Ben Eubanks will share insights into the three key trends that are affecting the workforce in 2023, including strategies and real stories of practitioners who are tackling these challenges head on.

Michelle Strasburger
Michelle Strasburger
Karen Brieger, speaker
Karen Brieger

Focus Session: Effective Frontline Leadership
Speakers: Michelle Strasburger, Business Minded HR Executive, HR Rebel, Consultant and Health Coach
Karen Brieger, CPO, Coach & Mentor

High-quality managers can greatly influence how other employees feel about their own skills. And in turn, that feeling can affect productivity.

In this session you will learn: 

  • How to empower frontline leaders
  • Leadership approaches to strengthen networks and improve engagement
  • What role KPIs should play and how attrition may be affected
Tiffany Castagno

Focus Session: The Power of Purpose
Speaker: Tiffany Castagno, 
CEO& Founder of CEPHR, LLC, a Human Resources Consulting Firm 

Finding Purpose, meaning, and balance in today’s workplace is a necessity for the Future of Work. Teams want to feel connected to the Why of the work they’re doing and to the organization’s larger strategies.

Employees who feel connected to their work and who feel supported perform at their best will become your greatest brand ambassadors.

Join this Summit Session to learn tools and strategies for creating Meaning and Belonging in the workplace.

  • Discover tools and strategies for creating a Values-Driven Workplace to attract and retain talent
  • Leverage supportive tools to take actionable steps to allow your team to reimagine its future state of Purpose
  • Understand the impacts and advantages of connecting the Value and Purpose of work within teams and supporting the work of others
  • Learn important considerations in a COVID and Post-Pandemic world to connect teams and organizations to Purpose and Meaning
Dr. Craig Nathanson

Focus Session: How to Enable Joy at Work
Speaker: Dr. Craig Nathanson- Educator, Author, Speaker, and Coach for mid-life Adults 

The path to Joyful Work is not easy, but it will be the most important thing you do in your life. When your Work is enjoyable and aligns with your deepest core values, all internal indicators increase, such as happiness, energy, a sense of meaning in one’s life, and the quality of life and relationships.

Achieving Joyful Work is the meaning of an authentic life! 

Join this Summit Session to learn the steps to enable Joyful Work: 

  • Understand the definition of Joyful Work
  • Discover why Joyful Work is essential
  • Describe what can occur when people do not enjoy their Work in the organization
  • Understand what can happen when people do enjoy their Work in the organization
  • Describe and apply the five most important steps to Joyful Work as an individual
  • Describe and apply the five essential steps to enable Joyful Work in the organization.
Margaret Graziano

Afternoon Keynote: Ignite Culture – The Antidote to Strategic Gridlock
Speaker: Margaret Graziano, Chief Evangelist at KeenAlignment, Author & Coach

You may have heard this quote from management guru Peter Drucker, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Here’s what he didn’t say, but that you probably know from experience… “An entangled culture eats your leadership team for lunch and your CEO for dinner.”
This is because the harder an organization pushes strategies on an entangled culture, the more it rebels and the more entangled it becomes – we call this “strategic gridlock”.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. And it won’t be this way when you have an Emergent Culture, the antidote to strategic gridlock. 

Attendees will walk away with the following culture-building skills:

  • Clarity on the 4 core needs of an Emergent Culture
  • How to spot the 3 biggest “cultural torpedoes” that elude most leaders 
  • How to foster a peak performing culture that breeds trust, alignment, and accountability… without cracking the whip or allowing free-for-all behavior
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