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HR Summit: Strategic Leadership for Ultimate Success

This event has passed! Stay tuned for our next HR Summit. 


Successful leadership during a time of immense change requires strategic thinking, increased flexibility, and creative ideas. 

Learn how to effectively influence business strategy as an HR leader by aligning your HR expertise and tools. Create leader-to leader partnerships and drive success through performance management to increase your competitive advantage, while keeping employees engaged, motivated, and happy.

During this conference, we will cover:

  • Leading in and through a pandemic
  • What becoming a strategic leader means and how to get there
  • Small-large organizational change strategies
  • Strategies to improve your leadership and help your organization thrive
This conference will provide you with important tips and best practices for continued success. Walk away feeling inspired and prepared to implement the change needed to drive your workforce forward.

Star Staffing is a recognized SHRM & HRCI certified provider.

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Tracie Sponenberg
Lisa Lichty
Kate Gibbons
Garry Ridge


Times are listed in PST

Morning Session: 
Becoming a Strategic Leader (9:15am)
Speaker: Tracie Sponenberg, Chief People Officer of the Granite Group

As HR professionals, most of us aspire to become a “Strategic HR Leader.” But do we know why? And do we know how? And what does it mean? To become strategic, it’s necessary to first understand if this is the path we want to take with our career and second, know how to get there.
In many companies, HR is still seen as an administrative department, not a critical part of the business. In order to change that, we have to first look at our own perception.  Learn practical tips, stories, strategies, and advice from a former paper-pushing tactical “HR person” turned strategic HR leader.



Focus Session: Performance Management (10:30am)
Speaker: Lisa Lichty, CEO of Star Staffing

During this session, you will learn tactics to help your organization evolve its performance management to get the productive, engaged employees you want. Review processes, goal alignment, and skills management tools you can easily implement right away. Support your teams to be the most effective and efficient they can be!




Focus Session: Data-Driven – Why Metrics Matter for HR Leaders (10:50am)
Speaker: Kate Gibbons, Director of Marketing Operations at Star Staffing 

 HR Departments must be both people-focused and data-driven. In this focus session, we’ll cover why being metrics-focused drives more successful quarterly and annual HR Strategies, exactly what HR metrics you should be measuring regularly, and how to best share this HR data with increasingly-interested internal stakeholders.



Keynote Session: Leading in and Through a Pandemic (11:25am)
Speaker: Garry Ridge, CEO of WD-40

Purpose-driven leadership is crucial during a time of immense uncertainty and change. Create positive, lasting relationships with your teams through positive engagement and focused vision. CEO and culture architect Garry Ridge will share his leadership lessons and communication strategies for moving forward as the leader your company needs.

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