4 Manufacturing Trends Growing in Popularity

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As the market continues to change with advancements in up-and-coming technology, traditional manufacturing practices have taken a backseat to improvement. Reshoring, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence are just a few of the common themes.

Here are 4 manufacturing trends that have grown in popularity – and will continue to grow – throughout 2018 and the coming years. 


Reshoring is the reverse process of offshoring. Instead of moving labor and manufacturing overseas, companies are bringing them back. Following the election of 2016, reshoring became a prominent topic of discussion, as politicians and business owners highlighted the difficulties inherent when working with suppliers overseas.

In the past year, several companies have been damaged by recalls involving products made outside the United States. Small and large companies alike believe that doing business with domestic suppliers may increase quality and safety standards – in addition to lowering costs. 

Internet and Cloud Technology

In a market obsessed with cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT), the manufacturing industry has experienced a serious focus shift. Hundreds of companies are meeting their ever-growing security needs with cloud-based technologies that replace outdated systems and guarantee a private, strong infrastructure.

A growing number of companies have also invested in smart technology, both increasing the production of items capable of connecting to the internet and the use of these items throughout the manufacturing process. Companies that ignore this shift are liable to fall behind, losing money and skilled employees along the way. 

Environmentally-Friendly Manufacturing

Consumers drive the industry. As consumers have become more accepting and expectant of environmentally-friendly ethics and standards, dozens of industries have followed.

The benefits of choosing an eco-friendly process in manufacturing are seemingly endless, and include reduced costs, higher efficiency, a boosted reputation, and the positioning of your company as “responsible” – a brand target many companies aren’t meeting.

Besides, as resources dwindle and the need for sustainable materials grows, companies will have little choice but to get involved and improve their processes. The sooner decision makers start this transition, the less sustainability will cost. 

Artificial Intelligence

Perhaps the most talked-about change in the manufacturing industry is artificial intelligence, which displays itself through assembly-line robots and advancements in self-driving vehicles. Indeed, this intelligence is changing the way our workplaces function entirely.

Artificial intelligence can improve production, increase efficiency and add high-skill positions for programmers and technicians across the country, while replacing other positions.

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