4 Tips to Hire the Best Receptionist You’ll Ever Have


Best Receptionist

Staffing services firms know how valuable a skilled receptionist can be for any company. Every time someone matching all the qualities of a great receptionist surfaces on the job market, you can bet that other companies will jump on the chance to hire that person right away.

The key to hiring a receptionist in as little time as possible is to know specifically what you need in that person, even before you find someone suitable on the job market. By outlining clear criteria for the ideal candidate, you can conduct interviews faster and avoid losing great candidates to other companies. Below are 4 ways to do just that.

  1. Decide on the Ideal Skill Set

Your job description for a vacant receptionist position will depend on the role’s responsibilities, which in turn will serve as a guide for the necessary skills that person should have. If your office depends on the phone for first contact, a pleasant disposition over the phone is obviously important. If your company sees a steady stream of people entering the lobby on a daily basis, you’ll want someone who knows how to personally interact with people in polished and pleasing way.

  1. Look for Genuine Interest

Look for a candidate who is actually interested in applying for the role of being receptionist, rather than someone who is just looking for the “easiest” job in your company. During interviews, you should also ask each candidate about their impression of your business, as well as what they know about whatever it is that you do. Great receptionists know the company they work for inside and out, so naturally, you want someone with a keen interest and understanding of your business.

  1. Look for Strong Communication Skills

“Strong communication skills” seems like a catchphrase that’s thrown around all the time, but what does it really mean? When gauging a candidate’s communication skills, don’t consider someone because they’re a strong speaker. The ability to listen is just as important, especially for receptionists who need to take down messages during phone calls, or when entertaining customer complaints.

  1. Consider Technical Skills

Any receptionist worth hiring should have a basic to advanced skill set with common office technologies. The more skills and experience a candidate has, the better. It’s imperative that they’re proficient with the standard word processing programs. Bonus skills include proficiency with Microsoft Excel, social media, and graphic design among others.

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