Finding a New Job Can Be Scary. A Staffing Agency Can Help!

Finding a Job Can be Scary


Recruiting or staffing agencies help match job searchers with employers, taking into account each of the former’s job preferences, and the hiring needs of the latter. These companies may specialize in placements for temp jobs, as well as permanent roles in a variety of organizations across different industries.

At Star Staffing, our business revolves around helping you succeed. Our recruiters work around the clock to personally assess your skills and experience, matching your profile with ideal employer. Below are three reasons why you should consider working with a staffing firm when looking for a job.

  1. Companies Use Them — All the Time

 There’s a reason why truly great jobs — the kind that seem to hire on skilled and tenured job seekers — are never seen on job boards. Chances are, the companies hiring for these positions course their searches through a staffing company.

More and more companies prefer to use the resources and networks of employment agencies, especially when it comes to the initial applicant screenings and interviews. For job seekers, this means they can place themselves in a far better position to be hired for high-value roles offered by the top companies.

  1. They Take Care of the Dirty Work

 The process of applying for work at a recruitment firm is straightforward: You send your resume, you fill up an application, and a recruiter interviews you. If you’re found to be a good match with a potential role, the agency takes care of the dirty work of forwarding your resume, talking to the company’s HR department, and scheduling an interview. All you have to do is to wait for a call.

  1. Recruiters Actively Promote You

 Although your resume serves as a solid foundation for your job search, it can only make so much of an impression with hiring managers. Coursing your application through a staffing services agency gives your resume much more visibility, with recruiters actively promoting your profile to companies that potentially serve as good matches. It seems like a minor detail, but having someone actively referring you can go a long way in attracting the attention of hiring managers.

  1. Their Success Is Your Success

 A staffing services agency makes a profit by placing employees with companies looking for talent. This means they succeed when you succeed. When their placements fail, they make themselves look bad. This is why these companies will do all they can to help you make the best possible impression with a potential employer.

Learn more about the advantages of finding a job with the help of a recruitment agency. Talk to the staffing experts at Star Staffing today to learn how you can get started.