Matching Clients With The Right Candidates Is the Ultimate Reward At Star Staffing

Recruiter Spotlight


One of the things that make Star Staffing unique is how we nurture an environment that encourages our recruiters to take the initiative and use their judgment when identifying potential matches. As our Executive Recruiter, Jennifer Kraus puts it, “I love helping people. I also love the “game” of matching the right client and candidate. When there is a successful match, it is very gratifying.” 

Jennifer’s passion for her work also comes from the sense of fulfillment each time she helps those who need it the most.“My most rewarding aspect is helping people when they are in a bind. Many of our candidates are desperate for a job and when we find them one, they are so grateful. “It’s nice to be a part of that process with them,” she adds.

Star Staffing also goes to great lengths to ensure our recruiters have all the tools they need to reach their potential. “(Star Staffing) felt ‘homey’ since the first phone call. The best part of working for Star Staffing is the culture. There is no micromanagement and you see what you put in. We have a very supportive team,” she said. Our recruiters are committed to achieving success with each recruitment job that comes their way.

At Star Staffing, our formula for success is simple. We recognize the critical roles our recruiters play when working with organizations that need employees. As a result, we make sure our staffing specialists enjoy the work they do, whether it’s by offering incentives for team cohesion and performance, or by communicating our vision of helping people find employment. Visit our contact page to start building your team today with the help of our recruiters.