5 Different Ways a Mentor Can Help Grow Your Career

How Can a Mentor Help Your Career?

Every captain of a ship once served as a first mate to a senior captain. Likewise, almost all successful people will have been under the guidance or tutelage of someone with more experience and knowledge than they had at the time.

A mentor, whether in the workplace or outside of it, can help grow and guide your career in the right direction. They spend time with you, teach you what you know and help you avoid making costly career mistakes without even charging you for it.

Listed below are five different ways a mentor can do wonders for your career.


  1. A Mentor Teaches You the Ropes

If you’re new to a workplace, a mentor can help you find your way around and teach you how things are done. Sure, you have the employee manual and training to refer to, but a mentor can teach you all about the company culture and any other unspoken rules. What’s more, a mentor can help you avoid mistakes by calling attention when you’re about to do something wrong.


  1. A Mentor Helps You Grow and Hone Your Skill Set

A mentor can provide the perspective to help you identify what you’re good at and any other skills you may need to be good at your job and grow your career. They can recommend trainings that are actually worth your time and money, as well as those you don’t really need.


  1. A Mentor Helps You Nurture a Strong Work Ethic

Oftentimes, the best way to mentor others is to lead by example. This is especially true when it comes to abstract concepts like work ethic. It’s one thing to tell someone a strong work ethic is important, but it’s another thing to see firsthand why it matters, which is exactly what a mentor can do for you.


  1. A Mentor Gives You Vision

A mentor can ask thought-provoking questions that help you determine where you want your life and career to go in the long run, and what you need to do to get there. In addition, a mentor can help you define success—the kind that goes beyond what your employer or industry define as success. This can involve family, relationships, or contribution to a cause bigger than you.


  1. A Mentor Can Help You Expand Your Professional Network


On the more practical side of things, mentors can introduce you to their personal network, which in turn, opens the door to acquaintances who can be potential allies and sources of referrals.

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