You’ve Been Offered a Promotion Without a Raise…Now What?

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There’s nothing like the feeling of having the hard work you’ve put into your job recognized and rewarded with a promotion. That means a new title to add to your resume, maybe a new office and of course, a pay upgrade.

But what if the promotion came without a raise?

While it’s generally understood that a promotion comes with the obligatory salary bump, there aren’t any guarantees. And it’s more common than you think. In fact, one survey found that more than 60 percent of respondents would rather accept a promotion without a raise than a raise without a promotion.

So, what can you do when faced with this situation?


Have a Frank Talk With Your Boss

Once you’ve had a few hours for the shock and disappointment to settle, it’s time to schedule an open talk with your boss. While it’s only fair you get an explanation about this decision, don’t enter the conversation with an accusatory or defensive attitude.

First, thank your manager for recognizing your potential and giving you a promotion. Then, you can ask questions about the missing raise and listen before moving to the next step.


Negotiate for a Deal

There may be a valid reason behind this decision; however, that doesn’t mean you should back down. Instead, negotiate for the raise by striking a deal—perhaps a 30- to 60-day period to prove you deserve the higher pay for your new position?

Your manager may not be sure about the promotion and just wants to get some reassurance before doing a salary evaluation. In this case, show your boss you deserve the promotion and the raise. Put in the extra effort, push yourself, and show leadership to prove you’re serious.


Ask for Other Perks

It might be your company just doesn’t have the cash flow to sustain your raise. In this case, negotiate for other perks as a show of good faith. You can ask for other benefits or perks such as more vacation days, a better workspace or new equipment. You get bonus points if you can get the company to promise you a promotion will come someday and the benefits you’re negotiating for are just placeholders.


Think Twice Before Turning It Down

Remember, a promotion is a sign you did something right, so you deserve to be rewarded. Even so, be careful about turning down a promotion because of a lack of compensation. This should only be an option if the new role adds an extraordinary amount of work to your plate, so much so that it will be very disruptive to your life outside of work.


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