5 Top Ways to Say “Thank You” to Your Boss

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Stumped on how to best appreciate your boss? Here are 5 top ways to say thank you to your boss.

There are many opportunities throughout the year to say “thank you” to employees for their contributions to the team. But what about the bosses? How can we appreciate them and thank them for the opportunities, coaching, advice, and support they’ve given to their teams throughout the year?

For sincere, fun, and creative ways to thank your boss, here are our top tips to say “thank you” to management any day of the year.


1. Send a Specific and Heartfelt “Thank You”

What stands out as an act of strong leadership in your eyes? Did your employer do everything they could to remain open during the height of the pandemic? Did they retain you as an employee even during a rough economic market? Did your employer create flexible work opportunities knowing that many people are navigating parenthood, homeschooling, or personal economic needs? 

Reflect on the gifts, big and small, that your employer gave during a particularly challenging year. Send your gratitude in an email or hand-written card. This allows your boss to keep and re-read your kind words.


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2. Offer to Write Your Boss a Recommendation 

Does your employer offer you resources to succeed like a comprehensive onboarding experience or perhaps a lucrative employee referral bonus plan to help friends get jobs and earn yourself a referral bonus?

Consider offering your employer opportunities to shine. Write a recommendation for them on LinkedIn or Glassdoor to exemplify their awesome leadership qualities.

3. Submit Your Boss for an Industry Award Your next awesome job is right here - apply now

Is your employer an authority in their vertical? Do they specialize in personal finance and host informational seminars? Do they run a weekly industry-specific podcast? With their permission, consider submitting your rockstar employer for awards that recognize their achievements and presence as a resource to the community. For example, the Sacramento Magazine writes a “Sacramento 100” special edition in which they recognize stand-out professionals that are making a big impact in the local area.

These efforts not only compliment your employer, but they may also get your employer (and your company!) impactful exposure to new audiences.


4. Reach out to Their Boss

Your boss may be the business owner themselves or they may be an arm of upper management. Consider reaching out to your boss’s boss to give your manager a great review.

This can either be done formally or informally. Set up an in-person meeting to highlight your manager or perhaps write up a quick Slack/Teams message to your boss’s boss to highlight their leadership qualities.

If your company holds quarterly or annual performance reviews, consider submitting positive feedback for your manager there too. This positive review will reinforce your manager’s efforts and make them feel seen and validated.

5. Consider Giving Your Boss a Gift

What is your company’s culture and policy on gift-giving? Consider getting the team together and creating a budget for a small gift for your manager. Do they have a mug collection? Do they enjoy cheering on the local sports teams? Do they love sweets? Get creative with your gift-giving ideas!

Gifts don’t have to cost money. Create a slideshow of team pictures, memorable quotes, or sage advice and give to them as a heartfelt display of appreciation. 

Enjoyed these top 5 ways to say “thank you” to your boss? Don’t forget to uplift your teammates too! Check out this article all about the top compliments you can give your coworkers to empower them at work!



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