6 Reasons Why Reading Should be Your New Hobby

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Why should reading become your new hobby? Kids learn at an early age how to read and then are encouraged to read every day.  In fact, some teachers have kids who read MILLIONS of words each school year.  As adults, we don’t always continue the routine of reading in our daily life.  Here are a few reasons (funny and serious) why reading is the best and why we all should be taking up this hobby more in our everyday schedule.

You’ll Never Have to Ask A Friend or Relative to Edit Your Cover Letter

In addition to improving your emotional and cognitive intelligence, reading can also help broaden your vocabulary.  Reading can also help with spelling and grammar which is especially important as you write that cover letter for your dream job.  You might not be a professional editor, but you will learn the correct usage between “your” and “you’re.”


You Can Read Anywhere… Except Maybe the Shower

Thanks to modern-day technology, you can literally be reading all the time, anywhere. A book, in any form, is incredibly portable. Much more so than other hobbies, like sewing or baking. And you don’t need a craft room or a kitchen to do it. And come to think of it, an audible book may even make it possible to read from the shower…

You’ll Never Run Out of Books to Read

We hate to crush your lifelong dream of reading every book in the world but there are just too many! There were too many decades ago, and, every day, more books flood the bookstores (it’s easy as Amazon)!


It’s a Learning Tool

Before YouTube was invented, a prime resource was reading. Whether you want to improve your business mindset, learn how to knit, or take your mind off the day with a crime mystery or romance novel, you can find it in a book.

You Can Make Your Own

And if, for some reason you do run out of books, you can always just make new books. Making up stories has been something we have done since we started making enough sounds to put together a series of thoughts. So, you really will never run out of stories to “read,” as long as you don’t mind making up your own.

Reading is the Hobby Choice of the Zombie Apocalypse

Because the “old fashioned” book doesn’t need batteries, it’s a quiet activity that won’t attract zombie attention. Nobody wants that, believe us. And, you can read one book… over and over and over again!

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