Home Office Makeover: 5 Tips to Make Your Office Space More Productive

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With remote work becoming more long-term and possibly permanent for some – committing to a home working space is a must. Below our friends at the Stapler Slinger have put together some tips you may want to consider in a home office. So, if you’re currently working remotely or seeking Napa Employment Opportunities that include working from home, we hope these tips will help.


Written by:
Chuck H – Staple Slinger

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The Audibles

One thing to consider in your home office which is probably not a factor in your company’s office is noise. If you happen to live by a lake or a coast, you’re probably going to want to choose a room or space with the ambient noise of nature coming in through a window.

If on the other hand, you live somewhere where there’s a noise of construction, or traffic, or rowdy neighbors, you’re going to want to flee to the other end of your home, where those noises stand less of a chance of interrupting your concentration day in, day out, so you can focus on getting as much work done as possible.

​It may be that not all the things you feel you need in an office in terms of space and light and quiet are available in your home, but if you commit to a particular space that gives you most of what you want, you can begin to make it your office by the things you do to that space.


The Environmentals

Part of the wonder about working from home is that – you’re at home. All your familiar things are with you. But beware too strong a merging of your home environment and your work environment. Feeling like you’re ‘at home’ can lead you to work longer hours unpaid, or let your focus drift for hours, aware you can technically make up those hours later. But those made-up hours are a mortgage on your home time, eating into the hours when you’re at home, either with friends or with your family, living your larger life.

Be strong. Where the day-to-day routine of going into an office marks a natural boundary between your work-self and your life-self, working from a home office blurs that boundary unless you can bring the discipline to set up your own version at home.

If possible, choose a room with a door you can firmly close. When you’re on one side of that door, you’re at home, with your at-home mindset. On the other side, you’re at work, with ideally a minimum of distraction.

Unless it’s genuinely necessary for your work, keep all the distractions of home life out of your office space – your TV, your games console, your library of ‘for-fun’ books, your friends, and your family. Whatever work you do, keep it within your home office space, so that wherever possible, when your paid hours each day are up, you can walk through the door and leave the office behind you.



The Chromatica

​What’s your favorite color? A color that speaks to you, encourages you, makes you smile?

It may well be that your office space is part of another room in your home, in which case, the question’s irrelevant. If you have your own room though, consider giving it a paint job in a color or colors that inspire you to creativity, productivity, and positivity.

Just as a tip, once you’ve found the colors that give you that energy and positivity boost, back them off by a couple of shades.


Because colors that give us energy and vitality and smiles on a chart can be too much on the wall, day in, day out. Backing off the vibrancy a little should still let you get that positive mood boost, without necessarily giving you headaches or hives when you have to live with them in a work setting. They should enhance your determination to get on with your work, not detract from it.

What about artwork?

Again, this depends on the amount of wall space you have available, but anything you put on the walls of your home office should make you calm, or focused, or act as a micro-break – pictures of your family are great in this respect, keeping them with you through your workday, but not inviting you to contemplate line and form and color for three hours when you should be completing that sales report for Head Office.


The Greenery

There is actually evidence that having plants and flowers in an office space benefits the people who work in the space. Both in terms of oxygen recycling and refreshing, and a connection to the wild outdoors, plants are said to boost our mood.

Plus, in the absence of colleagues to go and visit, having to occasionally, or even daily, get out of our chair to go and check on the plant life can be a useful micro-break to get the blood flowing to your legs and get you moving again.

That said, if you have hay fever or allergies, or if tending to plants is just not your thing, you’re under no obligation to include greenery or flowers in your personal home office.


Thanks, Stapler Slinger, for providing this unique perspective on customizing and creating a productive workspace. We can’t wait to spruce up our workspaces!

If you’re looking for Napa employment opportunities, be sure to check out our current job openings. We can’t wait to help you make a career move. For more details, contact us at 707-265-9911.


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