Attention Millennials: 4 Reasons You Haven’t Been Promoted

Millennials and Promotions


For many millennial professionals, the dream is to secure a leadership position and become a captain of industry. But certain ideas and mindsets of millennials may be hurting their chances of landing a promotion.

For example, you’ve probably heard of how millennials have a sense of entitlement. And true enough, millennials need to remind themselves that just because they know how to do their job, doesn’t make them fit to manage other employees.

If you’ve been a company man for a few years but seem to be stuck, the following reasons may be hurting your chances of being promoted to a management position.

  1. You Don’t Put in Extra Effort

Millennials place a lot of value in their free time, with some preferring to work only the hours they’re paid for. While there’s nothing wrong with that, being a clock puncher doesn’t generate interest, nor does it make you an attractive candidate for a promotion.

You don’t have to go on overtime daily, but every once in a while, try staying an extra 15 minutes after your usual hours to work on a few things. It’ll show you care about the work you do.

  1. You’re Working too Hard

Conversely, putting in 60- to 80-hour workweeks might hurt your chances of a promotion. From an economic standpoint, why would your boss promote you and pay more, when it seems you’re happy to work more hours for less pay?

  1. You’re a “Yes” Man or Woman

Being the boss’s pet may seem like a good strategy, but if your boss is smart – and most have to be to survive in this competitive market – your efforts to suck up to them are probably in vain.

Smart leaders understand the importance of dissenting opinions. So if you’re giving the ‘thumbs up’ to everything management says and does, you’re not setting yourself apart.

  1. You Haven’t “Leveled Up” Enough

Millennial workers may be perceived as smart and tech-savvy, but if you don’t have enough skills to set yourself apart from the competition, you won’t put yourself in the running for a promotion.

Don’t rely on your company for training. Go out and find ways to add skills to your resume, whether it’s taking short online courses, learning a new programming language, or working on a side project for portfolio purposes.

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